Ass and Balls

Want to check out the ass and balls of one of the hottest trans girls online? Yes its Vitress Tamayo and once again she has a photo set that is so hot your going to love it. Most of you already know that Vitress Tamayo is one hot ladyboy. She loves to be dressed up and look sexy. Almost as much as she loves to be dressed slutty and get her ass fucked. She also loves to show off her body parts. Take for instance that she has in this photo some very sexy clothing, heels and also the location. Then she is ass up and balls out and she just wants you to stare. Take a look right now at her ass and balls and then post about it below.

When Vitress goes Ass and balls out its time to pay attention. It means that she is horny and wants to have some fun. The fastest way for her to start that is to get your attention and we think that she has done that very well with this photo set.

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Ass and Balls

Don’t wait. She is hot and ready and willing and able.

Legs Spread wide

Who wants to check out Vitress Tamayo with her legs spread wide? Good! Just scroll down a little.

This shot was of her modeling some clothing for a store and it turned into one for her members area. The skirt and top her from the store she works for. But she had so much fun shooting the photos that she started to do things like spreading her legs. She also got those big and beautiful tits out to show off. But the best part of the set is the photos with her legs spread wide. Its so inviting and also makes you want to make her panties magically disappear.

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Legs Spread wide

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Anal toy

Vitress Tamayo loves an anal toy. When asked why she loves them so much she smiled and then said. Simply because they are always hard and they never talk back. We actually had to laugh. But once she got going with her photo set, the laughter stopped and the erections started. Your going to see why simply by looking at the photo of her below. Watching her with her anal toy was so hot and added a lot of sex filled tension in the room.

The camera guy kept having to reposition his cock in his own pants as Vitress worked her ass hole with the toy. In and out. With each slow movement she would moan. It was something that was very hot and made her want to cum. We could all see her nipples getting hard as she stroked the toy in and out and deeper.

This is actually a photo take from the movie that was filmed of Vitress fucking her own ass with this toy. Click on the image to see more of the sample photos.
Anal toy

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Panties and Bra

Does everyone here like to see a hot girl in sexy panties and bra? Yeah I guessed it. Do not get me wrong its great when you strip a girl down and she is naked under her clothing. But its even better when there is just one more sexy and sensual layer of her wearing panties and bra before she is naked. It makes things take just a little longer. It allows you to have some fun with the anticipation of it all.

Vitress Tamayo is one of those girls that loves to wear either sexy lingerie. Or just sexy panties and bra. If they match then she is all the happier. However she tells us that some times having a miss match is also just as sexy. For her though it’s all about the look. Just take a look at the outfit she has on in this sample photo. Could you not just pull those off with your teeth? Did you notice that the color of her lipstick matches the color of her lingerie? Yeah all those little details Vitress does to keep you looking at her. And we feel that she does an amazing job.

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Panties and Bra

You are simply going to love watching this beauty get naked and masturbate for you.

Ladyboy Upskirt

Like a hot ladyboy upskirt photo? Take a look at this sample right here of Vitress Tamayo. It was not really her intention to do the upskirt but it happened and its sexy. Her panties sadly were the same color as her skit but it still has that hot effect that makes you focus on them.

Vitress works in an office so she is often seen and photoed in office style clothing. That means that she basically dresses very sexy and shows off her body. So we get to see her like this and often get to see her flashing her panties or her tits in the office or in the car on the drive home. Ladyboy upskirt photos are hot but even more so when its a hot and beautiful woman like Vitress.

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Ladyboy upskirt

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Trans girl ass.

For some reason we all seem to be looking out for the perfect trans girl ass. Most of us like a bubble ass that sticks out nice when wearing clothes or even naked. Some of the guys bout there like a trans girl ass that is huge. While others like a trans girl ass that is small and tight and round. But no matter what we are always looking for a hot ass.

So today we want to present you with one that we know your going to love. Not big and not small this ass seems to be just about perfect. And the fact that Vitress usually shows it off wearing high heels is the best part of it. So take a look and let us know what you think. You will also see in this photo that Vitress has very nice legs, and also big set of tits on her. Her hair is long and beautiful. And that hair is perfect for pulling on when you fuck her in the ass.

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Trans girl ass

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Wet tranny tits.

I think that ever man alive would like to get their hands on some hot wet tranny tits. In fact a wet tranny in general would be awesome. Can you just imagine the feel of touching her body. Wet tranny tits, wet tranny ass and also some hot and hard wet tranny cock? How great would that be?

Take a look at this photo below of Vitress Tamayo. She was just playing around in her shoot and slipped into the tub a little faster than she wanted to got more wet than she planned. However the set was rescued because many of us have the fantasy of washing a trans girls body. Feeling the water as it cascades down their body. Using the soap to lube their tits and ass. Feeling the girls cock growing hard in your hand as you soap her body. Finally ramming your cock deep into her tranny ass hole from behind and feeling the head pop into her!

If you want to experience this then all you need to do is click. Watch as Vitress enacts the sensuality of getting her big titties soapy. Wanting and needing your hands on her body.

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Wet tranny tits

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Cleavage and panties

In this world everyone has different desires when it comes to women. I am of course talking trans women as that is why we are here. But each trans woman has features that are different and men like them in different ways. To a lot of us one big attractions is the cleavage a trans girl has. So when you get a photo like this of Cleavage and panties, its extra hot.

Most men adore looking at a woman and seeing her panties flash in her dress or skirt when she moves her legs. Seeing that bulge of the girls body below her panties is very sexy. So when she then grabs a photo of herself and you get this combo of Cleavage and panties its almost too much to take. You get the chance to day dream about both her panties and her tits at the same time. What they look like. And also what they would feel like in the panties or in her blouse.

For the photo below of Vitress. Its obvious she is showing off her cleavage and panties. But the super hot part about this, is that its a selfie photo. So she knew what she was showing you. Not some sneak of a photo that exposed her. She wanted you to see this.

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Cleavage and panties

High heels and ass.

When I see a set of High heels, I normally then look straight for the ass as well. The heels on a girl make her ass look bigger and perkier. So I always look up. But when I find a photo of High heels and ass like this. Well I smile and get my cock out because its wanking time!

Of course this is the stunning Trans girl Star Vitress Tamayo and she is a lot more than just high heels and ass. She is also long hair, big soft lips and a set of titties that are begging for a load of man cream. Furthermore she is a girl that is always happy and ready to go and do. And she loves to fuck. Being half Asian and half Latina makes her have a sex drive like no other. And her body as you can see was built for pleasure. She has all the right things in all the right places to make you have a screaming orgasm. And I am not talking about the drink.

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High Heels and ass

You already know you want to sink your cock in that ass hole. So as they say. Just do it!

Down Panties.

Well I am not certain that this is a “Thing” but I sure as hell love to see it. And I figured that if I did, you most likely would like to talk about it as well. What is IT? That I am speaking of? How about Down Panties!! It is more or less like down blouse but a little more keyed to seeing something when you look down panties.

If you tried this with a genetic girl you might see some hair or a slit. And that is it. However when you look down panties with a trans girl you have a chance to see more. You might see some hair. However you might also see something that looks like a slit. That means the girl is mounted or has her cock tucked back. If your really lucky when you look down panties, you will see her cock and it will start swelling knowing that you are looking there.

If you ask us, and by being here reading this you are. Then simply put down panties is so much hotter than down blouse. Take a look for instance at Vitress Tamayo in the photo below. Her tits do look amazing. So does her long hair and big fuck cock sucking lips. But those panties and what you can almost see is such a hot tease. Click right now to see more.
Down Panties

You have two choices and you should make one right away. Click the image for more sample photos of Vitress. Or Click a text link, skip the samples and go to the members area for the whole set. Click right now!

Mirror Selfie

Do you like the Mirror Selfie type of photos? Vitress has a lot of them because she does not always have someone to take her photos and movies. So she does them herself. Most of the time, the Mirror selfies come out much hotter than the regular movies and photos. Simply because you know its Vitress and her own ideas and positions. That means that she gets to chose what wants way she wants to pose. How she wants to look in general.

Take for instance this mirror selfie set. Vitress wanted to go makeup free and she still looks super hot. A PhotoG would have insisted in makeup. No matter what, once she starts to get naked the look gets smoking hot and you just must see more of her. Click the image below to see more right now.

Mirror Selfie

Of course once Vitress gets hot, her cock gets hard and her nipples ache. That is when it’s time for her to stroke that cock until she shoots her load. And she loves that feeling so much she will shoot her load over and over. Vitress tells us she likes to cum 3 or 4 times a day to keep the blues away. Blue balls we think she means.