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Every man out there likes to see a hard trans girl cock. The question then comes to what size do you prefer? If you are a guy that needs only the biggest Hard trans girl cock then Vitress is not for you. If you dont care or are not good with big cocks then she is the girl of your dreams. While her cock is kind of fat, its not overly long or huge. This means that its great for guys that have taken a trans girl cock before. And for those that have not had a trans girl cock, well its good for you as well. The best part is Vitress is always gentle.

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Hard trans girl cock

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Beauty in Black

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Take a look at my trans girl ass. Is this not just the best pose ever? Not only do you get a nice and hot shot of my trans girl ass but you also get a great shot of some side boob in the mix.

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My trans girl ass

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Anal insertion

Who else loves to watch a hot anal insertion? Yeah the cool thing is that it can come any a lot of shapes and sizes. Like a small toy to a huge one. From fruits or veggies to well body parts I guess. Today we have a sample of what Vitress thought would be a good idea for an anal insertion device. That is, that she used a carrot from her fridge. She said it was the perfect shape and big enough to make her love hole want more. And one of the hottest things about this anal insertion video is that the carrot goes ass to mouth!

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Anal Insertion

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Fishnet bodysuit

Do you like the look of a fishnet bodysuit on a trans girl? For us, it really depends on the body of the girl. For Vitress Tamayo it is a spot on thing to see. She has the perfect shape for it. With a big and beautiful and also round set of titties, it looks amazing. Then when you move down her body to the curvy hips, and round ass. Well you have near perfection in the transparent lingerie and its amazing.

Can you imagine being with her and she wears this for you? This amazing and hot Fishnet bodysuit How would you react if she waled into the house, bedroom or even your office dressed like this? Would you want to rip it off of her and fuck her right there? Or would you rather fuck her with it on? Trust us when we tell you Vitress wants to know what you would do and how you would do it.

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Fishnet bodysuit

Vitress has a lot of lingerie and we have shown you other sets she has modeled in. This particular set is also a video of her using a toy in her amazing trans girl ass. So make sure you see it. You are going to blow a big load so make sure you are not close to the computer when you do!

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Getting your hands on some trans girl black lingerie might be the order of the week for you. This is not something special made for trans girls. Rather its a style that seems to look best of them. Just take a look at this photo below of Vitress Tamayo. She has some HOT Trans girl black lingerie sets. I mean sets of the lingerie as well as photo and movie sets! Sorry just wanted to make that clear.

So lets get back to this Trans girl black lingerie. Vitress tells is she has tried on as many different lingerie looks as she can and this is what seems to look the best. And if you ask us and most of the men who have seen her wearing this. She is 100% correct. She has picked the perfect trans girl black lingerie.

Now. Take a look at the photo. I mean really look. Memorize the details of her body in the heels. She is also wearing some amazing black stockings as well as beautiful panties. The garter straps just look so sexy you will want to grab them with your teeth to remove them. Then the bustier top has her tits popping out. Ohh to lick those!

Trans girl black lingerie

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