Upskirt panties

How about a UpSkirt panties shot? Well when it comes to the super hot Vitress Tamayo getting that is always a nice thing. Take a look at the photo below and see. She was walking down the stairs and her skirt was bouncing when the camera guy commented. So she stopped and the camera came out and we got some amazing Upskirt panties photos. And a good bit more. These are sexy as hell and you will love seeing how hot things can get.

Another neat thing about UpSkirt Panties photos. You get the chance to fantasize and imagine how things could be. How hot they could get and also whats hidden inside those panties. Even if you have seen it hundreds of times. The hotness of the fantasy adds a new level of masturbation.

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Upskirt panties

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Anal toy

Who else wants to play with an anal toy? Or at least to sit back and watch the every beautiful Vitress Tamayo playing with hers? When we asked Vitress about the toy she said that it was a gift from a girlfriend for her birthday. Apparently Vitress had complained about not having a boyfriend and being horny. So doing what good friends do, she bought her an anal toy and a big bottle of lube so that she could have fun even when she is alone.

Vitress being the horny little girl that she is went to town with that toy. Getting herself hot by putting on a sexy body stocking and also high heels. Vitress then decided to share in the fun by setting up her camera to record the action. Sitting on her toy and slipping it slowly but deeply into her tight ass hole.

Anal Toy

Once this toy went in deep and was vibrating, her cock got so hard that she had to stroke and stroke until she shot a huge hot sticky load. Getting that white cream all over her hands and the toy as well once it came out. She was so tired from the fun that she actually laid down to rest. But her cock remained hard and throbbing. Needing more action and more fun.

Trans girl striptease

Check out this Trans girl striptease with the every beautiful and busty trans girl Vitress Tamayo.

When looking for a trans girl to have some fun with, the wild ones are often the girls you will want. However for most of us finding the right wild girl is often hard. We need these girls to be polite, sweet and proper in public. Then once in private either the car or the boat or better the bedroom we want the wild side to show. Well this beauty Vitress Tamayo is an example of exactly that. She is a wild child in bed. And a perfect lady in the streets! So when you get home its time for a Trans girl striptease!

Can you just imagine getting home from dinner with Vitress and she treats you to a hot trans girl strip tease? Slowly removing her dress to reveal sexy lingerie below. Then dropping her dress to prance around in heels and lingerie that barely cover her soft curvy body. Knowing that her nipples are getting hard as the lingerie caress’s them and her cock is tucked back but still getting hard from stripping for you!

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Trans girl striptease

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Thong Panties Up Vitresses ass!

Thong Panties Up Vitresses ass! Don’t you just love seeing a sexy pair of thong panties up a hot girls ass? Also on a hot tranny? Sit back and take a look at the photo here and note that Vitress Tamayo is a tranny. And her panties look fukcing killer on that tight ass of hers.

Also note that she has some big tits and perfect cock sucking lips.

Thong Panties

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Tranny Cleavage and a hot Domestic Servant!

Tranny Cleavage and a hot Domestic Servant! And now that you have seen this photo, you know what you need to do. First of all find yourself some domestic help that has tranny cleavage like this.

If you have been looking and have not found a girl. Well then you can simply enjoy the fantasy of Vitress. Just imagine coming home to your house and finding her in the kitchen. Wearing something like this. Bit tits exposed and that amazing round ass sticking out of her short skirt. Honestly! What would you do? Would you walk up behind her and flip her skirt up and start to work her ass right away? Or would those big and beautiful tits draw your hands in first. Needing to cup them from behind and pinch her beautiful nipples?


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Tranny Cleavage

So once the dishes are done come and work on cleaning my shaft babe! You have got to love those tits and want to drop a load on that cleavage!

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