Red panties

I think ever man and woman trans or not loves a pair of sexy red panties. Personally I can never get enough of them no matter what cut they have. Do not miss understand me. I love a pair of sexy cut thong or t-back or g-string panties. But when they are red panties they drive me carzy! How about you? What color of panties is it that turns you on the most? Red, or blue, peach or white?

For those of you who love to see red panties, Vitress has a pair to share with you and I personally love them and think you will as well. Just take a look at the sample photo below. Talk about hot. And in the rest of the set she not only shows off those panties very well she also strips them off to be naked just for you.

Now that you have had a few minutes to look at this hot photo of Vitress in her panties. And I know it has been hard to take your eyes off of those big tranny tits. But its time to make a decision. Will you click or just find more samples to look at? If you click you get all the sets in one easy to enjoy place and not only the photo sets but the movies as well. And those movies of Vitress are super hot. Especially the hardcore ones.

Red panties

Beauty in Black

T-Back panties

This may sound kind of stupid. But do you know the difference between T-Back panties and Thong Panties? The thong type have the cloth that goes down the back and between the ass cheeks. The cloth is usually a bit wide but narrows as it crosses over the girls ass hole. For the T-Back panties, its just a string around the waste and then down between her ass cheeks. Yes the string goes over her ass hole but does not cover it at all.

Now if you take a look at the photo here of Vitress Tamayo you can see a perfect example of T-Back panties. How freaking hot they are because they dont cover anything on her ass. And the cup of the panties in front is so small that Vitress’s cock and balls are falling out of them. Talk about sexy. Just look real close. Then click the image to see more of this hot set.

T-Back Panties

Now, can you imagine walking in the door to find your trans girl dressed this way? Waiting at the table and partially bent over so that her ass and balls and cock are perfectly exposed! What would you do to her and how long would it take you to get started?

Long Legs.

Do you like a trans girl with long legs? What is the thing that attracts you first and most to a trans girl? Take a look at Vitress in the photo below. You can see that she has Long legs nicely accented by the high heels she has one. Furthermore she has a nice round ass on her and a nice cock that gets hard. All of this is of course accented by her big tranny tits and her very full and sensual lips. With her long hair hanging down she is 100% the woman that you need to try to get your hands on for the best time of your life.

Click the image below to check out more of this amazing beauty.
Long Legs

Do not forget that Vitress has a website filled with photos and movies that you will love. She has hardcore and soft core videos and photos. ALL of them she looks amazing in. Contact her once you sign up and she will reply. Make sure to leave comments in the members area.

Anal Toy

Want to watch some fun with Vitress Tamayo and her anal toy? Of course you do that is why you are here. So just keep reading below.

Vitress was filming and having some fun in her cute pink outfit and the camera guy offered her some fun with an anal toy. Vitress of course took him up on it and slipped it right into her tight ass hole. She loved every inch as it went deeper and started to vibrate her prostate. Talk about shooting a massive trans girl load! Her prostate was humming and her love hole was full and she worked it in and out.

Sit back right now and watch the movie rather than just looking at this photo from the video.

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Anal Toy

You already know and so does your cock that you want to see this action. To watch that toy going in and out of her pussy. To feel it as it hits the back of her prostate and makes it vibrate. Filling her balls with loads of precum that will drip out as she works the toy in and out of her tight little tranny love hole.

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Beauty in Black

Still done know what you want to enjoy. Scroll down and check out a live webcam feed instead.

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Spread legs

Spread legs are always a tasty treat. Even if the sweet spot is covered by panties.

Now take a look at the photo below of our favorite busty trans girl Vitress Tamayo. She is sitting in the perfect position to make us all enjoy seeing her body. Her head is up and her hair laying down on her shoulders. Her big trans girl tits are thrust forward and her legs are spread wide. She also has on a nice silky top that covers her tits and a sexy pair of lace panties that hides her tranny cock and balls.

Even though Vitress is sitting her spread legs and heels make her look hot. You can just imagine walking up to her and doing s many things. Sticking your cock in her mouth. Leaning down and kissing her and reaching down to caress her panties. Once her cock is hard you pop it out and stroke her. Or maybe you want to tease her up into a standing position so that you can get to her ass and cock at the same time.

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Spread legs

Those panties are about to come off! The question is, will you be there to enjoy that action or not?

Beauty in Black