Panties! Is there actually a word that starts your mind to imagining more than Panties? Not for me. I can just picture them on a hot body. Hiding a nice cock and up the ass cheeks of the girl wearing them.

Now I know that its a bit on the hard side to actually look at the panties Vitress has on by try to focus. Tear your eyes away from those big beautiful tits and her long hair. And not to mention those amazing full lips of hers. Yeah I know. So many things to look at and enjoy and I have not yet even mentioned her legs. Or her feet!

So now that you have your eyes on the prize, and that being her sexy panties, what do you see? I personally see an area between her legs with the smoothest skin and it looks so lickable. Then once those panties come off out will pop her cock and most likely because of the licking, it will be hard and ready for some sucking.

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Horny trans girl

Have you been lucky enough to hook up with a horny trans girl? Maybe one like Vitress Tamayo in the video clip below? When I was talking with her and letting her know that we needed to get a hardcore video of her. I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth when she started to jump up and down saying. ” I have a guy, I have a guy”, and poof off goes the skype call and she was gone. About 5 days later she uploads this video. The folder date and time stamp was about 45 minutes after the call. Now if that is not a horny trans girl, I dont know what is.

So the story behind the guy is this. Vitress met him at some sort of social event. She thought he was attractive and liked his body. But when she told him she was trans he seemed to dim a little in his attraction so she just let it go. The next day he messaged her. Then he started chasing her but she kept him away some because she did not want an issue with him. It did not take long before he started begging her to fuck him. Well to let him fuck her that is.

When this request for the video for her members area came up, Vitress being the horny trans girl she is, ran right to him and let him work her ass. Vitress said she really loved sitting on his cock.

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Honry trans girl

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