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hehehe.. Listen to me, I just sound sooooo dirty!

round tight ass

Selfie ass shot


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Sexy Ladyboy In Heels

Sexy Ladyboy In Heels.  This sexy ladyboy loves wearing heels. I think they make my legs look great!  And also my tight little ass look even rounder.  Guys love it Girls love it and it turns me on! Yes I get turned on knowing they are watching my ass in my tight dresses.

This photo is of me in my first pro shoot for my new website  I loved the lingerie and heels combo and I think they make me look like a sexy proper Ladyboy!

Sexy Ladyboy In Heels

Sexy LadyBoy in heels.

Ladyboy Cleavage

Ladyboy Cleavage!  I wanted to show you some cleavage shots so I grabbed this photo from a selfie set that I did in front of my mirror. For me, I really hope you like it.

Its just me in a sexy black dress that happens to show plenty of cleavage and I love the look and so do most guys when I wear it. Ladyboy Cleavage is the best.

Now my love. Close your eyes and take your cock out of your pants while I paint this picture for you.  It’s saturday night and you have been waiting all week to see me. So you come to pick me up at 9pm and I walk out wearing this dress. As you can clearly see there is plenty of my big tranny titties showing and you make a wow sound! As I slide into your car my dress pulls a little and one of my nipples pops out. What will you do? Just watch and enjoy. Or would you rather reach over and caress it or kiss it? Maybe you would reach over and suck on it.

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Ladyboy Cleavage
Ladyboy cleavage

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Trannys in Lingerie! Is that a hot look? Want to see more?

Do you like the look of Trannys In Lingerie? Is it a hot look that you enjoy? Well I have a lot of lingerie and I wear it in most of my photo and video shoots. I find lignerie to be a real turn on. From putting it on to taking it off. It makes my cock hard and also my nipples hard as well! Because in Sexy Lignerie with a pair of nice sexy heels how can it not! Wow what a look. And with its Trannys in Lingerie its a major turn on even for me.

Speaking of Lingerie what type do you like? In my photo here you can see this sexy body stocking. Also in some of my other photos. But for the most part my lingerie is costumes. Have you ever purchased some lingerie for a tranny friend? I am certain she will enjoy it and reward you the right way. Just try me for example. Buy me something and see what I do for you.

Trannys In Lingerie

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Ass heels and hair! What more could you want in a tranny?

Hey guys. Its me Vitress Tamayo showing off my best assets. My ass, My hair and some sexy heels. I want you to enjoy looking at them while you stroke your cock and get it nice and hard for me. Then I want you to click the link here in the text and join me and let me watch you shoot your baby batter across the keyboard of your computer.

Heels, hair, ass

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Ladyboys thongs! Hot Ladyboys in thongs and other things!

Ladyboys thongs! Dont you love when your favorite ladyboy puts on a sexy thong. Maybe some stockings and high heels. Or just a sexy dress that shows her boobs as well? I love to dress that way for any man Im with even if just for the night.

I like the feel of a thong as it cups my ladyboy cock and slides up against my ass hole. Rubbing just slightly as I walk along holding your arm. Now I have to admit that a Ladyboys thongs are usually made a little different and hold our cocks a little tighter. So I often wear the thongs make for genetic women. They dont hold my cock as well. Also they tend to rub against my love hole and that makes me HOT!

I also want you to know that once I get hot, and I need to be played with. I desire a man and his hard cock. I know that is Something that you can give me! I want Your hard cock! In my hands or mouth? In my tight little ass hole? Or maybe all of them would be good for you!

Ladyboys thongs

If you take a close look at my Ladyboy thongs here you will see its actually one made for regular women. Also you can see its not as tight as the other kind. That means by the time you and I walk out of the house and get to dinner I am already hot. Once we are back, we will bring ice cream so you can pour it across my body and lick it off! I would be so hot by that time it would melt right away!

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Spread Tranny! I love to be spread wide. When I am Posing for photos or having a man behind me and spreading me wide so he can enter me! Guys, Which one do you prefer? What are you Looking for? I actually hope that you like them both because they are both a turn on for me. The next time there is a chance to be with a tranny make sure you spread that tranny both ways.

Be a man and Pose her and look at her while stroking. Then when you get behind her, Standing or on you knees and spread her wide. You should also stick your tongue in her ass for a while. Then slip your cock deep in. You will both love it. I know it gets me so hot and believe it or not, Wet! I know you desire a Spread Tranny!

Yes my cock will drip pre cum when a hot guy does this to me. I love it! Make me yours. Control me and put me where and how you want me!

Spread Tranny

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Shemales Flashing! How many shemales do you know that Flash like this?

Check it out. Shemales Flashing? Now is this a hot topic on the web? Well I really hope so because its something I like to do. Where I live public nudity is forbidden but I love to take the risk and do some hot flashing. Also because I am a Shemale you have the hot topic of Shemales Flashing!

Sound like some fun for you? It sure is fun for me. So Which of you young strong and handsome men would like to join me. You sit back and watch and cheer me on and I do all the flashing. If you have not already noticed I sure have the boobs for it. Another thing is Most men tell me I have amazing boobs. Almost perfect. Let me know what you think. Post a comment here on the blog please.

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Shemales Flashing

I also just very much enjoy being outdoors. Its often more fun to be with a hot guy while shooting photos and videos for my website. Things and can get hot on and off the camera. Some of the shoots end up in hardcore scenes either outdoors or back at home. But even when they don’t I enjoy them a lot more. Knowing that I am effecting the man watching. Seeing his cock get hard! Knowing he wants to lick my body and play with me.

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Vitress Tamayo.

Ladyboy Ass! And Check out the Big ass on Vitress Tamayo!

Ladyboy Ass! And Check out the Big ass on Vitress Tamayo! ok, so its not that big of an ass but it is my ass. Its a Ladyboy ass! 🙂 How are you today and I do also hope that you find this post erecting! I plan to have this post make your cock rock hard before you leave here to check out my members area! I want your cock throbbing! And Dripping Pre cum looking at my Ladyboy ass!

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Ladyboy Ass

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Tranny legs! And of course sexy high heels. What more could you want?

Tranny legs! Do you like mine? I personally think I have some of the best tranny legs online! I love to walk and exercise and it keeps my legs in shape and also hard. I know they look a big soft but I have muscle under there and you will feel it when I wrap them around you! Have you seen my legs when I have one sexy high heels? If not ask yourself right now why not? Take a few minutes to really enjoy the photo below and then leave me a comment about how this photo makes you feel. Do I excite you? Did you get turned on?

I really love the look of my legs in these heels and short dress. Can you imagine how it would be to sit in front of me and see the flash of panties? As I cross and also recross my legs? With my sexy lace panties you will see my cock as well.

Tranny Legs

In the case of this photo my panties are leopard print just like the dress. It happens to match with the shoes and scene. Normally I have on Lace panties so that when I do flash them you can see my cock. Also I love to go without panties as often as I can. That of course depends on the dress and how well I can hide my cock.

I dont have the biggest cock but when it gets hard its noticeable and I do like to hide it. Unless you ask me to do other wise. Let me know what sort of man you are and what you desire. I want to make you hard and happy and ready to cum.

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Sensual Shemale

Sensual Shemale. I think that ever man out there likes to see and look at and date a Sensual Shemale. Why do we say that? Simple. They are ladies and not just men dressing and living part time as females. Yeah I know how bad that sounds but its unnerving to go and pick up your trans girl for a date and she is dressed like any normal day and not well made up. Not wearing some sort of nice dress or skirt. Just little tennis shoes and shorts and maybe a top. Yeah from time to time and for the right events thats good. But for a date you want your trans girl to be a Sensual Shemale.

Take a look at how I dress when I go out. Yeah its me writing this because Is aw this with a trans girl I know. She dresses like I stated above and she recently lost her man. He left her. Well I take pride in how I look when I got out. Looking like a million dollars even though I dont have that kind of money. It makes men look at me and desire me. That is my goal and what I want.

Sensual ShemaleVitress TamayoLegsHigh Heels

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Beauty in Black