Side Boob.

Side Boob.

Don’t you just love those side boob shots? Take a look at this amazing photo below. I found it in a set, and if you click the image you can see more samples from that set. But it shows a great shot of my Side Boob and also of my ass. I think that I look simpley adorable in that photo and I only want the people that would like to fuck me like that to click. So click now and check out more of the free samples this set has. Im waiting for yo.

Side Boob

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Anal Toy

Want to watch some fun with Vitress Tamayo and her anal toy? Of course you do that is why you are here. So just keep reading below.

Vitress was filming and having some fun in her cute pink outfit and the camera guy offered her some fun with an anal toy. Vitress of course took him up on it and slipped it right into her tight ass hole. She loved every inch as it went deeper and started to vibrate her prostate. Talk about shooting a massive trans girl load! Her prostate was humming and her love hole was full and she worked it in and out.

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Anal Toy

You already know and so does your cock that you want to see this action. To watch that toy going in and out of her pussy. To feel it as it hits the back of her prostate and makes it vibrate. Filling her balls with loads of precum that will drip out as she works the toy in and out of her tight little tranny love hole.

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Beauty in Black

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Ass flash

Does anyone else enjoy a nice and sexy Ass Flash? I mean no matter what the set is going to be or is. If there is a shot like this and its a sexy little ass flash, well it kind of makes your cock tingle and ache for more. And this is something that our darling little Vitress Tamayo knows. She knows that an ass flash gets most guys started. But then she has to go that extra mile to keep it going. And if you know anything about Vitress. Then you also know that she does that very willingly. Her goal is to get your cock hard and keep it that way for as long as she can!

Now for those of you who also love a good ash flash, tell us how you like to see it. That way we might be able to share the photo or video of it right here on the site. Or you can also go into the members area of Vitress’ site and show us a sample so we can share it for you! Showing off this amazing trans girl ass is something that we love it do. And we also know that you love to see it.
Ass Flash

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Anal fun with a carrot

Anal fun with a carrot.

Now guys, when most girls get hot they want to put something in their ass. For me, I will use anything that I can and this day I was so hot knowing I would be making movies. The camera guy got there and I was just not into him. But I did remember that I had a carrot in the fridge. So it became anal fun with a carrot instead of a mans cock. And I loved it. Can you see how big that carrot was? Long and got very fat at the end. So as it went in it spread my tranny pussy very wide and it hurt and felt so good. The pain and pleasure arched through my body and made my nipples nice and hard.

Anal fun with a carrot

Of course there were a lot of other things I could have used. But I thought that the cold carrot might be fun. I had no idea how good it would actually feel in my tranny pussy. But it made me cum so hard at the end. Sadly the camera guy was rock hard as well watching me. But I could not get enough. Once you see the movie of Anal fun with a carrot, make sure and rate and comment on the set and let me know what you think about it.

Trans girl ass.

For some reason we all seem to be looking out for the perfect trans girl ass. Most of us like a bubble ass that sticks out nice when wearing clothes or even naked. Some of the guys bout there like a trans girl ass that is huge. While others like a trans girl ass that is small and tight and round. But no matter what we are always looking for a hot ass.

So today we want to present you with one that we know your going to love. Not big and not small this ass seems to be just about perfect. And the fact that Vitress usually shows it off wearing high heels is the best part of it. So take a look and let us know what you think. You will also see in this photo that Vitress has very nice legs, and also big set of tits on her. Her hair is long and beautiful. And that hair is perfect for pulling on when you fuck her in the ass.

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Trans girl ass

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