Sexy sideboob

Honestly there is nothing like seeing some sexy sideboob. And when it comes to seeing it with Vitress Tamayo, you can bet your ass no matter where she is. She will be showing it off and you will love to. To Vitress there is nothing hotter than a flash of sexy sideboob and then making sure that the guy is really hot with an ass flash or sometimes panties. Just depending on how her cock is packed and where she is. But the Sexy Sideboob is a must and done every day no matter what. It turns her on as well.

If you like the look of this beautiful trans girl. Then you really need to see more of her. She has her own website with her own members area filled with photos and videos of her doing all sorts of things. And rest assured she wants to have you enjoy it. So Vitress has made sure to fill the site with as much hot content of herself and even a few girlfriends as she could. She got all the hottest photos and videos done and she really enjoyed making them knowing you would be jerking off watching her.

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Sexy Sideboob

Fuck my tranny ass

So guys. Yes I actually do want you to fuck my tranny ass. And if you like you can form a line right behind me. Just bring lots of lube for my love hole. I know I know its not nice to talk like this. But I really need to make a list of men that want to fuck my tranny ass. That way I can call you when I’m lonely and horny.

Now take a look at this photo. Its one from a great set I did and I wanted to share them. For a couple of reasons of course. The heels I was wearing in this set were a gift from a fan. He messaged me and asked my shoe size and these were delivered a few days later. Of course I want to say that I think my ass looks amazing in this photo also. As you can see I have a big soft ass and it needs a cock in the crack as soon as you can get it there.

I can also just see the side of my big tranny tits in this photo and that’s not only another turn on but its also a point of interest. Simply because when you mount my ass I want you to reach up and cup my tits and pinch my nipples for me when you drive your love rod deep.

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Fuck my tranny ass


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Sexy black lingerie

When you look for a hot trans girl to enjoy. Do you consider the clothing she has on or the clothing you want her to wear? Like for me. If I see a hot girl at the mall and I pick her up. I always give her some sexy black lingerie to wear for me when we get back to my place. I don’t mix games with girls and I tell them what I want and how I want it. So like the girl comes into my house and I get her a drink and walk her straight to the bed room. Hand her the sexy black lingerie and tell her to get changed.

Most trans girls love this as they are almost always hot for a fuck. They don’t want games they want cock. So if you are upfront with them and move fast. They will appreciate it and want to fuck even more. So you will have a wild and hot time with them. And as you can see in the photo below. Sexy Black Lingerie sure as hell is a turn on once she gets dressed! Then its all about slowly taking that lingerie off of her body and revealing all of her good bits!

Sexy Black Lingerie

Vitress Tamayo’s ass

Want to check out Vitress Tamayo’s ass? Want to check out any ass? Or are you looking for something specific? Most of us just love a sexy photo and that is a good thing if you are a fan of Vitress Tamayo. Because this girl is always showing off her body and trying to get your attention. From the sexy way that she dresses to the photos she takes of herself!

If you are already looking at the amazing photo below of Vitress Tamayo’s ass then you are a step ahead in the wanking department. I mean really. How could you not wank when looking at this body and that ass. Selfie photo of her spreading it has to be one of the hottest ways to see. Furthermore, Vitress is all about getting her fans cock hard. And you are going to love her website. It is completely dedicated to making your cock hard and helping you get off by shooting your load.

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Vitress Tamayo's ass

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Side Boob.

Side Boob.

Don’t you just love those side boob shots? Take a look at this amazing photo below. I found it in a set, and if you click the image you can see more samples from that set. But it shows a great shot of my Side Boob and also of my ass. I think that I look simpley adorable in that photo and I only want the people that would like to fuck me like that to click. So click now and check out more of the free samples this set has. Im waiting for yo.

Side Boob

For the rest of you that did not really like this set I do have other samples here from other sets. So check me out. Vitress Naked. And see for yourself.

Anal Toy

Want to watch some fun with Vitress Tamayo and her anal toy? Of course you do that is why you are here. So just keep reading below.

Vitress was filming and having some fun in her cute pink outfit and the camera guy offered her some fun with an anal toy. Vitress of course took him up on it and slipped it right into her tight ass hole. She loved every inch as it went deeper and started to vibrate her prostate. Talk about shooting a massive trans girl load! Her prostate was humming and her love hole was full and she worked it in and out.

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Anal Toy

You already know and so does your cock that you want to see this action. To watch that toy going in and out of her pussy. To feel it as it hits the back of her prostate and makes it vibrate. Filling her balls with loads of precum that will drip out as she works the toy in and out of her tight little tranny love hole.

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Beauty in Black

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Ass flash

Does anyone else enjoy a nice and sexy Ass Flash? I mean no matter what the set is going to be or is. If there is a shot like this and its a sexy little ass flash, well it kind of makes your cock tingle and ache for more. And this is something that our darling little Vitress Tamayo knows. She knows that an ass flash gets most guys started. But then she has to go that extra mile to keep it going. And if you know anything about Vitress. Then you also know that she does that very willingly. Her goal is to get your cock hard and keep it that way for as long as she can!

Now for those of you who also love a good ash flash, tell us how you like to see it. That way we might be able to share the photo or video of it right here on the site. Or you can also go into the members area of Vitress’ site and show us a sample so we can share it for you! Showing off this amazing trans girl ass is something that we love it do. And we also know that you love to see it.
Ass Flash

If you like this photo and we are sure that you do. Please make commented below.

Anal fun with a carrot

Anal fun with a carrot.

Now guys, when most girls get hot they want to put something in their ass. For me, I will use anything that I can and this day I was so hot knowing I would be making movies. The camera guy got there and I was just not into him. But I did remember that I had a carrot in the fridge. So it became anal fun with a carrot instead of a mans cock. And I loved it. Can you see how big that carrot was? Long and got very fat at the end. So as it went in it spread my tranny pussy very wide and it hurt and felt so good. The pain and pleasure arched through my body and made my nipples nice and hard.

Anal fun with a carrot

Of course there were a lot of other things I could have used. But I thought that the cold carrot might be fun. I had no idea how good it would actually feel in my tranny pussy. But it made me cum so hard at the end. Sadly the camera guy was rock hard as well watching me. But I could not get enough. Once you see the movie of Anal fun with a carrot, make sure and rate and comment on the set and let me know what you think about it.

Trans girl ass.

For some reason we all seem to be looking out for the perfect trans girl ass. Most of us like a bubble ass that sticks out nice when wearing clothes or even naked. Some of the guys bout there like a trans girl ass that is huge. While others like a trans girl ass that is small and tight and round. But no matter what we are always looking for a hot ass.

So today we want to present you with one that we know your going to love. Not big and not small this ass seems to be just about perfect. And the fact that Vitress usually shows it off wearing high heels is the best part of it. So take a look and let us know what you think. You will also see in this photo that Vitress has very nice legs, and also big set of tits on her. Her hair is long and beautiful. And that hair is perfect for pulling on when you fuck her in the ass.

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Trans girl ass

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High heels and ass.

When I see a set of High heels, I normally then look straight for the ass as well. The heels on a girl make her ass look bigger and perkier. So I always look up. But when I find a photo of High heels and ass like this. Well I smile and get my cock out because its wanking time!

Of course this is the stunning Trans girl Star Vitress Tamayo and she is a lot more than just high heels and ass. She is also long hair, big soft lips and a set of titties that are begging for a load of man cream. Furthermore she is a girl that is always happy and ready to go and do. And she loves to fuck. Being half Asian and half Latina makes her have a sex drive like no other. And her body as you can see was built for pleasure. She has all the right things in all the right places to make you have a screaming orgasm. And I am not talking about the drink.

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High Heels and ass

You already know you want to sink your cock in that ass hole. So as they say. Just do it!

My trans girl ass

Take a look at my trans girl ass. Is this not just the best pose ever? Not only do you get a nice and hot shot of my trans girl ass but you also get a great shot of some side boob in the mix.

Now I need to ask you. If you found my trans girl ass in this pose. What would you do? Would you come up behind me, kneel down and lick my ass from behind? Would you pull my cock and balls back and lick and suck on those? Or would your cock spring out hard and you would feel the need to slip your cock into my tranny pussy without foreplay? No matter what you decided to do and I have to say all those options sound hot. I would love it all and I am certain that one way or another you would end up inside me. Deep inside me and pounding my hips against the table.

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My trans girl ass

As always I am waiting for you. I want your desires to take over. With your cock standing rock hard I want you to come and fuck me. Stroking your cock until the head is about to explode. Hold your cream and then shoot it all over my back and tight tranny ass.

Vitress Tamayo Cosplay

Check out this Vitress Tamayo Cosplay set. This little trans babe loves to get dressed up and pose and tease. The best part of her teasing is that she will put out and she will make sure you cum. She wont leave you without that. And the cosplay sets she uses are usually just cute things like this little bunny outfit.

So after looking at this Vitress Tamayo Cosplay, where do you want to put your easter eggs? Yeah me too right into her little bunny tail! Speaking of the bunny tail and also big set of tits. Whats the first thing you notice in these photos. Could it be the tail or is it those big titties? Furthermore did you note that fuzzy little area at the front? Yep that is where Vitress has her cock tucked back. So if you want to see more then you will have to click the image or a text link right now. She is going to get 100% naked for you and wants for you to watch the whole striptease.

Vitress Tamayo Cosplay

What part of this sexy little cosplay outfit would you take off of her first? Also make sure to comment and tell us why!

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