Sexy black lingerie

When you look for a hot trans girl to enjoy. Do you consider the clothing she has on or the clothing you want her to wear? Like for me. If I see a hot girl at the mall and I pick her up. I always give her some sexy black lingerie to wear for me when we get back to my place. I don’t mix games with girls and I tell them what I want and how I want it. So like the girl comes into my house and I get her a drink and walk her straight to the bed room. Hand her the sexy black lingerie and tell her to get changed.

Most trans girls love this as they are almost always hot for a fuck. They don’t want games they want cock. So if you are upfront with them and move fast. They will appreciate it and want to fuck even more. So you will have a wild and hot time with them. And as you can see in the photo below. Sexy Black Lingerie sure as hell is a turn on once she gets dressed! Then its all about slowly taking that lingerie off of her body and revealing all of her good bits!

Sexy Black Lingerie

Naked trans girl

Who wants a naked trans girl in their bed? I know I do. And I can only imagine coming home to find this in my bed. Vitress Tamayo is one sexy and beautiful woman and everything about her is a major turn on!!! Starting with her amazing hair and beautiful face. She has very full and soft lips and they are 100% perfect for sucking your cock. Which by the way is something this naked trans girl loves to do. Sucking cock is almost a life line for her.

Then there is also her creamy skin and her big beautiful tits. Her big beautiful tits do not look like beach balls attached to her chest like some trans girls. Her tits are just perfect and actually look quite natural. Once you get down to her hips and ass you have basically reached heaven. On one side is her ass or tranny pussy as some people call it. And on the other side is her hard trans girl cock. Some call that her love wand or love stick. You can call it anything you like as long as you reach out and play with it. And trust me Vitress is more than willing to let you.

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Naked trans girl

Cleavage and panties

When it comes to catching Vitress Tamayo dressed in something sexy. There is always a recurring theme. Plenty of Cleavage and panties. Apparently showing off these two things are what gets her the hottest. And once she is hot she will chase cock wherever she needs to to get fucked nice and hard. Personally I love seeing her cleavage and panties and getting to watch her strip whatever she has on. Her body with or without cloths is orgasm worthy and you will love seeing her in action.

The set below was another Cosplay set that Vitress did. She does love to play dress up. And as I said, Cleavage and panties are a top priority for her. She loves to show them off. Honestly I think that the look turns her on as much as it turns us on. And thank god because she is hot showing off her cleavage. And the panties she chooses to wear is always transparent and sexy as hell! Just take a look at the image below.

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Cleavage and panties


Whats the game we all like to play? Masturbation of course! And why is it a game? Because it makes us feel good and we want to keep doing it. Also some of us will do anything to get off and shoot a lot of hot sticky wet cum. And to prove that point I want to show you how hot Vitress Tamayo gets and what lengths she will go to. Sit back and enjoy this photo. The get smart, click and watch the video of this hot Masturbation scene!

She was hot. She was lonely and it was night time. No one would answer her call so Vitress headed to the kitchen for a snack. Sitting there on the counter was her room mates fresh fruit. And this time it happened to include a nice melon. With 40 seconds in the microwave and then a small knife, Vitress carved herself a night time boyfriend that was as tight as any she ever had. Sinking her cock into the warm wet hole made her so hard she almost exploded her load on the first thrust!

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Big tits and panties

Ok so hot girls look amazing dressed in almost anything. Or at least that is how I pretty much see things. And in this case we get to see some big tits and panties on Vitress Tamayo. And as you can see. She looks amazing and she is dressed in just a little bit of lingerie. And if you ask me. her big tits have never looked better than they do right here in this photo. Of course those panties are also making her cock look pretty damn spectacular. Do you agree???

But do not think this is the end of the photos. Ohhh No! There are plenty more in this set. And Vitress is going to get those big tits and panties out. Well to say, she is going to get her big tits out and her panties off and that is going to make your cock hard. So get ready to start stroking and enjoying yourself with her. Its going to be a cum shooting good time and you will love it.

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Big tits and panties

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Anal play

For the most part there is not a trans girl alive that does not enjoy anal play. In fact most of them desire it so much they will work their own ass with a toy or fingers a few days a week. And the Trans girls that don’t really like anal play are very few and far between and usually 100% active. That means they want to fuck you. Rather than letting you fuck them! And some times. That is OK!

Now Vitress Tamayo the curvy body babe we see here enjoying some anal play is versatile in that aspect. She loves to get fucked in the ass. And she also loves to fuck a man in the ass as well. Even if its just play with sex toys or fingers she just adores anal. And if you get lucky and play with her, you will as well. Anal is fun with a girl like Vitress!

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Anal Play

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