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Every trans girl out there needs a good Anal toys! If you have a girl that you see all the time make sure to ask her if she has one. If not, well its time to step up and get her one. The girls ass needs a lot of attention and because you are not always there, the toy comes into play! Literally! Most trans girls get hot all the time. That means that they need to get off just like everyone else. The best way for that to happen is with a man and his own hard cock. But having a man with them all the time is not usually an option so they need something. In steps your gift of an anal toys.

Make sure to talk with your girl about the size, shape and hardness she wants. Not all girls like the same sort of toy. Take for instance the toy that Vitress has in the photo set below. She loves it because of the hard plastic allowing her to feel the vibrations very hard. But she also loves the softer more human like ones because of the ridges in the shape of the fake cock.

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Either way make sure and ask your girl what she wants to use and then get it for her. She will love you for it.

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Busty Vitress Tamayo

Honestly when it comes to a hot babe doing selfies you have to love Busty Vitress Tamayo! She is always in front of the camera and grabbing hot selfies. Take a look at the sample photos below. Yes the thumbs link to the big images. So enjoy those right now. Then to see the rest of the set you can either click a text link or a banner.

Anyway Vitress loves to take her own photos and she looks super hot doing it. Once she gets thos big trans tits out the game changes to a wanking one. Her cock is next out and that means she has gotten hot and is now ready to blow her own load. That means trans girl cream guys! Click now and also watch the movie that she made in this same outfit. Watch as she strokes her hard cock until she finally explodes and her cream shoots out all over her soft belly.

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Beauty in Black

Dating Vitress Tamayo

So if you make it to my part of the planet and want a date, Im available. You can take me nice places, wine me, Dine me, and hell yes you can 69 me. I love a hot man with the ability to share with me and make me happy. If you that man please connect with me in my members area. If your a cheap ass you wont even buy a membership to my site. For those with, Click here NOW!

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Asian Tranny Vitress Tamayo in Panties spread for you.

Asian Tranny Vitress Tamayo in Panties spread for you. Hey guys! As the title states I am Vitress Tamayo and yes I am an Asian Tranny! I am also a woman that loves to be talked with! Also I Love to be caressed and touched. I can never get enough of a gentle hand touching my skin and even over my lingerie and panties! Will you do that for me? Will you do that to me. It makes my tranny cock nice and hard under my panties. And I know you like the look of my hard cock under my panties.

Another thing what do you think of my combination of High heels and Lingerie? Is that somewhat of a turn on for you? I think it looks considerably sexy. Being the Asian Tranny Vitress Tamayo has demands and that means looking good. So post me some comments about how I look in this photo. I really want to hear from you. I would like to know what you think and it this is an exciting photo!

Asian Tranny Vitress Tamayo

Also what do you think about my hair and tits? You can see very well how long my hair is. However I think my tits are a little hidden with the lingerie! Don’t you think? I surly would love to know. Have you checked out my members area yet? Lots of Photos and videos for you to enjoy as well as streaming webcams to see and links to my girlfriends sites as well. I also have a bouns site you can get into!

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Vitress Tamayo for SexMas!

This is the Sexmas set for Vitress Tamayo. Wow!

How would you like to spend Sexmas with Vitress Tamayo?

Trans Boobies Outdoors! Vitress Tamayo flashes at the beach!

Trans Boobies Outdoors! Vitress Tamayo flashes at the beach! For anyone who does not know Vitress Tamayo, she is the superstar Ladyboy in the photo below. And she is risking her freedom to bring you the hottest website that she can.

Showing off her Trans Boobies Outdoors is highly illegal but she thought the beach was so amazing she had to grab a set.

Now its your turn to do something for her and that is simply get off with these photos!

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Trans Boobies Outdoors

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Tight Round Ass on Vitress Tamayo!

Tight Round Ass on Vitress Tamayo! So, do you think you have what it takes to rip this Tight Round Ass apart? Vitress Tamayo loves a good fucking and her ass takes it like no other. Even after the biggest cock her hole is tight and ready for a small one. And this way no one is left out!

She also loves sucking cock and her mouth seems to have the same advantages as her ass!

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Trans Lingerie and every thing sexy!

Trans Lingerie and every thing sexy! And when people say sexy for a trans lingerie girl they are talking about Vitress Tamayo. Just look at the image below and you will understand. Some how she has her cock hidden and she looks amazing with just a thin piece of lingerie covering her cock and also her tits!

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Tranny Anal Insertion! Want to watch the action?

Tranny Anal Insertion! Want to watch the action? So you are sitting and surfing for a hot tranny! Well how about checking out a tranny anal insertion with Vitress Tamayo! Not only does she have the image set you see below but she also has the video to go with it.

So when it comes to a hot asian tranny there is none other than Vitress Tamayo. With the perfect face! Big and beautiful tits! And a super tight ass she is everything you can imagine and want. And its so simple to see more of her.

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Tranny Anal Insertion

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How do you like your Asian Tranny Ass?

Asian Tranny Ass! How do you like it and who has your favorite? Hi guys I am Vitress Tamayo and as you can see, I have an amazing tranny ass with a big set of tits! For those of you who know who I am you know I love to please you. So please yourself right now and join the members area of my site. Also remember to rate and comment and I will reply back when I can.

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Short shorts on a tranny body!

Short shorts on a tranny body! Do you like short shorts and a tranny body? And if so what do you like about them. Since we have Vitress Tamayo here in a sexy pair of short shorts lets talk about her body. If you take a close look you will see she actually has some very sensual curves. Also big tits and ass help so keep that in mind.

Vitress is an amazing tranny with killer curves so she likes to wear clothes that accent this. She goes clubbing in some amazing outfits. She also loves to play dress up for men. So let her know what exicites you and she will do it for you. She wants to please your hard cock.

Short Shorts

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