Anal Toys!

Every trans girl out there needs a good Anal toys! If you have a girl that you see all the time make sure to ask her if she has one. If not, well its time to step up and get her one. The girls ass needs a lot of attention and because you are not always there, the toy comes into play! Literally! Most trans girls get hot all the time. That means that they need to get off just like everyone else. The best way for that to happen is with a man and his own hard cock. But having a man with them all the time is not usually an option so they need something. In steps your gift of an anal toys.

Make sure to talk with your girl about the size, shape and hardness she wants. Not all girls like the same sort of toy. Take for instance the toy that Vitress has in the photo set below. She loves it because of the hard plastic allowing her to feel the vibrations very hard. But she also loves the softer more human like ones because of the ridges in the shape of the fake cock.

ts philippinaLadyboyanal toysBig Tits Transvitress tamayo

Either way make sure and ask your girl what she wants to use and then get it for her. She will love you for it.

To see more of Vitress putting that toy in her ass, just click a text link or the banner below.

Beauty in Black

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