Vitress Tamayo naked

I have to admit that I dont think I have ever shown a photo like this here before. Yes I show photos of Vitress Tamayo naked all the time. But not quite like this. Normally she is sitting down or laying down and you really only get a glimpse of her body. But today I wanted to share a little more. So I have this Vitress Tamayo naked photo for you to see what you think!

In this photo you can clearly see her shape. Also her cock is hanging down and it looks damn sexy. She does not have a huge cock but it is just fat enough to make it very pleasurable. That means that you get to have a lot of fun with it. Vitress also has a really nice set of tits on her. And those puppies are a DD. If you ask me they are just about perfect and look amazing in and out of her clothing.

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Vitress Tamayo Naked


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Big titty cleavage

I guess that it takes big titty cleavage to have cleavage at all. I mean girls with small tits dont have it. But girls with big titties like Vitress Tamayo have it and its ohhh so heavenly!!!

Just take a look at this big titty cleavage shot below. And yeah I know this was one of her sexmas photo sets. And this is one of those big titty cleavage photos you just cant rip your eyes off of. Also for a good reason. Because you cant wait to get your hands on those tits of hers. They are perfect. And with pink nipples they are more than that.

Now if you have the chance to get Vitress Tamayo naked. How would you react to these tits? Would you instantly want to titty fuck her? How would you feel about getting those big titties into your hands and playing with her nipples? Can you just imagine the fun. Also holding them from behind as you ride her tight little tranny ass hole? Yeah Vitress is a lot of fun and a hot little fuck. So get into her members area and watch the hardcore action she has in some amazing movies. You will love this.

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Big titty cleavage

Heels and Panties

Now this is a Heels and Panties shot if I ever saw one. And I mean freaking HOT shot. Vitress was modeling both the heels and panties and decided to lay down on her sofa. She was a bit on the tired side. The camera guy went to sit down near her and saw that this was a perfect shot. It showed off her amazing ass, her big tits and beautiful face. And it also showed her heels and panties very clear.

Now if you look. Just to the bottom edge of her panties you can see that her balls and cock are starting to slip out. And that is HOT. Can you imagine being the one taking this photo? I think I would have dropped the camera and slipped up on the sofa with her. Caressing her big ass. Running my hands along the panties and touching her balls through the panties. Leaning over her shoulder and sucking her nipple into my mouth. How hot she is and how hot it would make it. Then to slip the panties to the side and penetrate her tight tranny ass.

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Heels and panties


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Ass in lace panties

Vitress Tamayo showing off her ass in lace panties. Honestly. Nothing new there. This girl always has on or mostly on the sexy lingerie. And her ass in lace panties always looks so tasty. I just felt it was a treat that I had to show you. Knowing that this ass is as tight as it is. I knew you would want to know all about it and see some photos. So below is just one sample of that amazing ladyboy ass.

So now that you have had a chance to see this amazing ass in lace panties. What do you think? Would you like to see more? Maybe reach out and touch that super hot ass of hers? Or would you rather get behind her and rub your cock on her ass while holding those big tits of hers? How about just getting her naked and licking her tight little ladyboy ass hole? Yeah thats another option that you have and I am sure that she would love it as well as you would!

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Ass in Lace panties

Tits out selfie

When looking around at hot girls that do Selfies. I always love to find one like Vitress. The vast majority of her selfies are the tits out selfie kind and that is awesome. And she also does a lot of selfies that show off her panties and also her cock. And to me. Well lets face it. That is a real turn on!

Just look at this tits out selfie below and see what I mean. Not only do we get to see those amazing trans girl tits. But she is sitting with her legs spread wide and you can see her panties. The only reason her hand is there is because her cock was falling out. She just wanted to cover it a little to make sure there is something special in the rest of this photo set. And this tits out selfie is almost enough as it is. Dont you agree?

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Tits out Selfie


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