Short shorts on a tranny body!

Short shorts on a tranny body! Do you like short shorts and a tranny body? And if so what do you like about them. Since we have Vitress Tamayo here in a sexy pair of short shorts lets talk about her body. If you take a close look you will see she actually has some very sensual curves. Also big tits and ass help so keep that in mind.

Vitress is an amazing tranny with killer curves so she likes to wear clothes that accent this. She goes clubbing in some amazing outfits. She also loves to play dress up for men. So let her know what exicites you and she will do it for you. She wants to please your hard cock.

Short Shorts

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Wet Tranny Body! Vitress Tamayo wants to play!

Wet Tranny Body! Vitress Tamayo wants to play! Take a look at this amazing wet tranny body! Is that not the most stunning site you have seen today? Hell yes it is and now you need to see the rest of this photo set! You also need to see the movie that goes along with it. Since you are on this blog I dont need to intorduce Vitress Tamayo to you but here she is naked, wet and hard!

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wet tranny body

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Slut Tranny Vitress Tamayo

Slut Tranny Vitress Tamayo poses with her cock hard and wearing a sexy little devil outfit! So Because you love to find a hot little slut tranny to play with. And when you find them you want them to dress up. Well Vitress Tamayo loves playing dress up and getting fucked nice and hard.

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Slut Tranny

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Spread tranny legs.

Spread tranny legs.

Oh how I love to have my legs spread. Check out my little photo below that I called Spread tranny legs. And see if you can guess what it is I like about it. To me there is nothing hotter than a nice set of Spread tranny legs. And if you notice, the stockings, high heels and lingerie only add to the view. It is already a hot view in my opinion but I want your input as well. Please make a comment below so you can tell me how you feel looking at this photo.

Spread Tranny legs

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Long Legs.

Do you like a trans girl with long legs? What is the thing that attracts you first and most to a trans girl? Take a look at Vitress in the photo below. You can see that she has Long legs nicely accented by the high heels she has one. Furthermore she has a nice round ass on her and a nice cock that gets hard. All of this is of course accented by her big tranny tits and her very full and sensual lips. With her long hair hanging down she is 100% the woman that you need to try to get your hands on for the best time of your life.

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Long Legs

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