Ass fingering

When a girl is along at home and feeling the need to Masturbate. She will often go in for a bit of ass fingering also. It makes her feel like she is with a man and that he is touching and caressing her body. This of course will get her cock hard and make the excitement of masturbating ratchet up a few notches. But the best part of the ass fingering is that in the long run it keeps the girls love hole ready for your cock. Her ass has a tendency to get tighter over time without use. And while that is a good thing it can also be painful when she finally gets the chance to get laid.

This is one of the reasons that most trans girls love some ass fingering before you fuck them. It allows their ass to open a little and loosen a little before the head of your hard cock pushes their love hole wide open. The other nice thing is, it also opens up the chance for you to do some ass licking as well. Being that close to her you can shower her cock and balls with kisses and little nibbles and thing sink your tongue into her love hole. Trust me you will both love it.

Ass fingering

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Lingerie and high heels

Lingerie and High Heels are each sexy. But when you have the combo of Lingerie and high heels in the same photo or movie. Well that’s fucking smoking hot! Take for instance this photo we have here below of Vitress Tamayo. The lingerie and high heels is the perfect look for her. With her hair down, her lips painted and ready to suck a cock. Her big tits filling out the lingerie and her long legs capped with the high heels. Well its almost nut busting just looking at this photo. But wait! There is MORE!

Yeah this photo set is going to really heat up. Simply because our beauty Vitress Tamayo is going to strip off that lingerie. She is going to free her big trans girl titties from the lingerie and show them off. Then she will slip it down and expose not only her amazing trans girl ass but also her cock. While she does not have a huge cock she does have one that gets rock hard once you excite her. Just start touching her body and watch it spring to life begging to be stroked, kissed and sucked.

Lingerie and high heels

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Ass flash

Does anyone else enjoy a nice and sexy Ass Flash? I mean no matter what the set is going to be or is. If there is a shot like this and its a sexy little ass flash, well it kind of makes your cock tingle and ache for more. And this is something that our darling little Vitress Tamayo knows. She knows that an ass flash gets most guys started. But then she has to go that extra mile to keep it going. And if you know anything about Vitress. Then you also know that she does that very willingly. Her goal is to get your cock hard and keep it that way for as long as she can!

Now for those of you who also love a good ash flash, tell us how you like to see it. That way we might be able to share the photo or video of it right here on the site. Or you can also go into the members area of Vitress’ site and show us a sample so we can share it for you! Showing off this amazing trans girl ass is something that we love it do. And we also know that you love to see it.
Ass Flash

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Anal fun with a carrot

Anal fun with a carrot.

Now guys, when most girls get hot they want to put something in their ass. For me, I will use anything that I can and this day I was so hot knowing I would be making movies. The camera guy got there and I was just not into him. But I did remember that I had a carrot in the fridge. So it became anal fun with a carrot instead of a mans cock. And I loved it. Can you see how big that carrot was? Long and got very fat at the end. So as it went in it spread my tranny pussy very wide and it hurt and felt so good. The pain and pleasure arched through my body and made my nipples nice and hard.

Anal fun with a carrot

Of course there were a lot of other things I could have used. But I thought that the cold carrot might be fun. I had no idea how good it would actually feel in my tranny pussy. But it made me cum so hard at the end. Sadly the camera guy was rock hard as well watching me. But I could not get enough. Once you see the movie of Anal fun with a carrot, make sure and rate and comment on the set and let me know what you think about it.


Underboob!  I hear that a lot of guys like to see underboob shots so I got my trusty iphone and took a few for you. For me, more or less I like this one the best.

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Ladyboy underboob

My big tranny tits!

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Sexy Red Panties

Sexy Red Panties!! Check out my sexy red panties! I have a bunch of different colors but I think that the red panties look the best on me.

Most people think they look very sexy and they do make me feel that way when I wear them. My hope is that you like them and are tempted to reach out and touch them. For me its a love of having my ladyboy cock caressed by panties.

Sexy Red Panties

Sexy red panties


Big tits

Big tits!!! Yes boys I have big tits and guess what! I love men that pay attention to them. Staring is ok, and reaching out and caressing them is great as well.

I have no problem having my tits messed with in public private or anything in between. In fact I will even ask you to shoot a load of your hot cum on by big round tits.

Big tits
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Tranny Ass in the mirror

Tranny Ass!   Hey boys. Im back with a new photo of me and I think your going to love this one its called Tranny Ass. Or maybe you can call it ass in the mirror even though you can see my ass on this side of the mirror and my face in the mirror. Just kind of cute and I thought that it was very sexy and hot shot of my ass.

Tranny ass

Ass in panties

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