Self Shot Tranny Ass

Self Shot Tranny Ass!  Hey again its me Vitress and this is a photo that I did just a few hours ago. I was surprised how it came out so I wanted to share it with you.

I really hope you like it its called Self Shot Tranny Ass . And this is just me in a sexy black bra showing my ass in a selfie shot that I think is pretty hot. I do a lot of these photos and also the movies of me. I like to do the selfie thing. To me its a turn on and also makes the guys, you feel more involved.

Let me explain how I did this one. My little camera is sitting on the top of my stereo. I aim it at where I want to stand and then I hit the timer button. Its often funny some of the photos I get this way. But as you can see this one turned out pretty sexy and my tranny ass looks pretty tasty!

But maybe if your interested you can come one day and do the photo set for me. We of course will end up doing what comes natural as we get hot. And I always get hot when I am stripping and getting naked to masturbate. Oh and just in case you were wondering. When I get hot and need to cum, I always masturbate my ass with something. Using a toy or my fingers or a cock when I can makes me cum so hard. I love the feeling.

Self Shot Tranny Ass
Selfie of my ass in the mirror

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Sexy Red Panties

Sexy Red Panties!! Check out my sexy red panties! I have a bunch of different colors but I think that the red panties look the best on me.

Most people think they look very sexy and they do make me feel that way when I wear them. My hope is that you like them and are tempted to reach out and touch them. For me its a love of having my ladyboy cock caressed by panties.

Sexy Red Panties

Sexy red panties


Ladyboy ass.

Ladyboy ass  . Check out this sexy selfie photo of my sexy round ladyboy ass!  Also make sure and log into my members area for the video. It is super hot!  That’s right, its nice and round and tight and always loves to be punished by a hard long thick cock.  If you have the rod for the ramming, I have the tight ass that wants to take it.

hehehe.. Listen to me, I just sound sooooo dirty!

round tight ass

Selfie ass shot


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Ladyboy Cleavage. How big do you like them?

Ladyboy Cleavage. How big do you like them?  Want to check out some Ladyboy Cleavage? While shooting for my site I came up with this one.

Some guys are telling me that its totally hot but I dont know if I have enough cleavage to be that hot. I do know that these shots look better now that I have bigger tits but to be a real cleavage shot?

Ladyboy tits
Ladyboy cleavage


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Shemale ass! How do you like it?

Shemale ass!   Well in one of my shoots for my site I got this super sexy photo. This is of me showing off my trann ass. Now if you notice this Shemale ass is perfectly natural and also very tight.  Ok, I know you cant see my hole in this photo. However in the some of the others in the set you can. So if your starting to feel your own cock grow while looking at this photo. Then its time to click the image and join me. Also make sure to comment here on the blog. Make sure and let me know how hot you got looking at my curves.

Shemale ass
Vitress Tamayo showing her ass!


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Welcome To My New Blog!

Hey guys. Vitress Tamayo here and this is my new blog.  I started this while we wait for my site to be built.   I plan to use this to show a photo or 2 of my updates from my members area and basically keep you up to date on what I am doing and some times who I am doing in my life.

Not to worry it will have all sorts of photos as well so I can show you how things are going.

By the way, the new site is and should be open soon.

Below is a photo from one of my first shoots. It was a selfie so I hope you like it.

XOXO  Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo cleavage

Selfie of me in green