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Who wants to watch some hot anal insertion? Oh, yeah and some hot masturbation? OK great. So you are in the right place and I think that you are going to really love watching this video clip.

As always here on this blog we have a video of Vitress Tamayo. She was getting ready to record and also eating. She stopped, looked at the carrot she was about to bite and decided to stick it in her ass instead. The thought of that made her hot so as she was thinking about it her cock started to grow fat and hard and we started recording. And once the anal insertion part of the video started she got so hot that she just had to make herself cum.

Right now you have the chance to check out a hot video clip below. You get to watch as Vitress gets herself hot and sticks a carrot in her ass. And once that anal insertion is going she just wants to wank hard and make herself cum for you. So click and watch the sample video below. But the only place you can see the whole movie is in her exclusive members area. So click right here to join her. Or you can also click on the image at the bottom of the page to join. Either way. Click right now!

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Anal insertion

Bad girl in Lingerie

Anyone else visiting here that loves a bad girl in lingerie? I know I do so when Vitress let me know that she had filmed a bad girl video I was soooo happy. It was not really as bad as I had hoped for but it still came out how. After all how can a ladyboy that looks that hot not make a good movie?

For those of you who dont know Vitress, she is the beauty in the video below as well as the hot ladyboy that this blog is about. She has long dark brown hair. Beautiful big tits. And she also has a nice big but very tight ass on her. Her cock is medium size but gets rock hard. With a desire to not only let you suck her cock and fuck her ass but she will do the same for you. Vitress is what we call a versatile ladyboy. Top and bottom and loves them both!

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Bad girl in Lingerie

Bodystocking and anal toy

For reasons unknown to me. Most girls get super hot when they dress in something sexy. Vitress Tamayo is no different. The Bodystocking and anal toy set is one that you will love seeing. From the photo set to the movie its all hot and its going to get you hard. I understand you and I getting excited looking and I always want to se more. And some of the girls have said they get hot because of the feeling of the lingerie as it goes on and comes off. Others say they love the look of themselves in a mirror or photo.

But no matter what it is, this set, bodystocking and anal toy is a turn on for you and I. The best part. The movie of Vitress Tamayo as she slips that big toy into her ass and plays with her cock as it gets nice and hard. Then watching her bounce up and down as the anal toy penetrates her love hole deeper and deeper.

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Bodystocking and anal toy


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No panties on

How do you like your lingerie? With or without panties? I mean on the girl you are with or want to see? With no panties on I think there is another level of hot. I mean going above and beyond just what the lingerie offers. The No panties on look and flash as she girl moves tends to drive guys crazy and they can not get enough of it. Just take a look at this sample photo below of Vitress Tamayo in Lingerie and no panties on! Its HOT.

Now can you just imagine coming home to Vitress. She is on the sofa or bed and wearing lingerie similar to this. As you walk in you catch your breath looking at her beauty and her big tits just showing in the lingerie. But you move across the room and as you do there is just a peek or flash of her cock and balls and you realize that she has no panties on. You can already feel your cock start to fatten and strighten. And you see that hers is starting to as well.

What would you do? How would you approach her? Would you get on your knees in front of her. Kiss her and take one of her big tits into your hand? Then reach under her lingerie and find her ever stiffening cock and balls?

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No panties on

Ladyboy Cleavage

When looking at ladyboy cleavage what sort of pose do you want the girl to be in. It’s obvious that we all want the girl right in font of us so that we can reach out and touch or lick that cleavage. And we also want her to let us do that. So is it surprising to see and know that Vitress Tamayo not only wants you to see, look at and masturbate to her ladyboy cleavage. But she also wants you to touch it. If you can reach out and lick and hold her tits in your hands at the same time. Well that is even better because it means that she can sit on your cock and masturbate it for you using her love hole.

Vitress Tamayo is a hot ladyboy and with a great set of big tits. And the fact that she loves to show them off just adds to the beauty of her body. Her tits are out all the time and they do look amazing and sexy. Creamy and ready for your lips, hands and your cock. Yes she will even let you titty fuck her and lip fuck her at the same time.

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Ladyboy Cleavage


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Sexy sideboob

Honestly there is nothing like seeing some sexy sideboob. And when it comes to seeing it with Vitress Tamayo, you can bet your ass no matter where she is. She will be showing it off and you will love to. To Vitress there is nothing hotter than a flash of sexy sideboob and then making sure that the guy is really hot with an ass flash or sometimes panties. Just depending on how her cock is packed and where she is. But the Sexy Sideboob is a must and done every day no matter what. It turns her on as well.

If you like the look of this beautiful trans girl. Then you really need to see more of her. She has her own website with her own members area filled with photos and videos of her doing all sorts of things. And rest assured she wants to have you enjoy it. So Vitress has made sure to fill the site with as much hot content of herself and even a few girlfriends as she could. She got all the hottest photos and videos done and she really enjoyed making them knowing you would be jerking off watching her.

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Sexy Sideboob

Round tits and panties

Everyone here can appreciate a set of round tits and panties. And especially when we get that view on the amazing Vitress Tamayo. We all know about her body. Soft and curvy. Hips that are just perfect to hold on to. A nice shaped ass that is not to big and not to small. Then the top part and one of the best parts is those big round tits of hers. As you can see in the photo below she is pushing them together just a bit so that you get the perfect view of them. She is also standing with her panties lowered and if you look close. Well you can see just the top of her landing strip that is right above her tranny cock!

Vitress does not have the biggest cock. But her super soft lips, her extremely tight ass hole and her big tits all make up for that smaller part of her body. She is the perfect woman to date and have some fun with. And she is the perfect girl to get in bed with.

Can you imagine having this naked girl on top of you right now. Sitting with your cock deep in her ass. As you reach up and take her tits in your hands and pinch her nipples. Then lean in and kiss those soft lips as you pound her love hole!

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Round tits and panties


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Spread legs and panties

Who wants to check out some spread legs and panties? Yeahhhhh Me. I do and I know you do as well. So I have this great video clip for you. I wont bother you with much text so enjoy the free sample photo and video clip.

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Spread legs and panties

Vitress Tamayo naked

I have to admit that I dont think I have ever shown a photo like this here before. Yes I show photos of Vitress Tamayo naked all the time. But not quite like this. Normally she is sitting down or laying down and you really only get a glimpse of her body. But today I wanted to share a little more. So I have this Vitress Tamayo naked photo for you to see what you think!

In this photo you can clearly see her shape. Also her cock is hanging down and it looks damn sexy. She does not have a huge cock but it is just fat enough to make it very pleasurable. That means that you get to have a lot of fun with it. Vitress also has a really nice set of tits on her. And those puppies are a DD. If you ask me they are just about perfect and look amazing in and out of her clothing.

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Vitress Tamayo Naked


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Big titty cleavage

I guess that it takes big titty cleavage to have cleavage at all. I mean girls with small tits dont have it. But girls with big titties like Vitress Tamayo have it and its ohhh so heavenly!!!

Just take a look at this big titty cleavage shot below. And yeah I know this was one of her sexmas photo sets. And this is one of those big titty cleavage photos you just cant rip your eyes off of. Also for a good reason. Because you cant wait to get your hands on those tits of hers. They are perfect. And with pink nipples they are more than that.

Now if you have the chance to get Vitress Tamayo naked. How would you react to these tits? Would you instantly want to titty fuck her? How would you feel about getting those big titties into your hands and playing with her nipples? Can you just imagine the fun. Also holding them from behind as you ride her tight little tranny ass hole? Yeah Vitress is a lot of fun and a hot little fuck. So get into her members area and watch the hardcore action she has in some amazing movies. You will love this.

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Big titty cleavage

Heels and Panties

Now this is a Heels and Panties shot if I ever saw one. And I mean freaking HOT shot. Vitress was modeling both the heels and panties and decided to lay down on her sofa. She was a bit on the tired side. The camera guy went to sit down near her and saw that this was a perfect shot. It showed off her amazing ass, her big tits and beautiful face. And it also showed her heels and panties very clear.

Now if you look. Just to the bottom edge of her panties you can see that her balls and cock are starting to slip out. And that is HOT. Can you imagine being the one taking this photo? I think I would have dropped the camera and slipped up on the sofa with her. Caressing her big ass. Running my hands along the panties and touching her balls through the panties. Leaning over her shoulder and sucking her nipple into my mouth. How hot she is and how hot it would make it. Then to slip the panties to the side and penetrate her tight tranny ass.

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Heels and panties


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Ass in lace panties

Vitress Tamayo showing off her ass in lace panties. Honestly. Nothing new there. This girl always has on or mostly on the sexy lingerie. And her ass in lace panties always looks so tasty. I just felt it was a treat that I had to show you. Knowing that this ass is as tight as it is. I knew you would want to know all about it and see some photos. So below is just one sample of that amazing ladyboy ass.

So now that you have had a chance to see this amazing ass in lace panties. What do you think? Would you like to see more? Maybe reach out and touch that super hot ass of hers? Or would you rather get behind her and rub your cock on her ass while holding those big tits of hers? How about just getting her naked and licking her tight little ladyboy ass hole? Yeah thats another option that you have and I am sure that she would love it as well as you would!

So if you need to see more to let that pressure out of your balls and your cock. Simply click on the image below. Or you can also click on a text link. Do not miss the movie that Vitress made in this lingerie. Its cock spanking hot and you will love it!

Ass in Lace panties