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Sexy Short Shorts on Vitress Tamayo! So when you are looking for some tranny ass it sure as hell is nice to find it in Sexy Short Shorts! Just take a look at the amazing tranny ass on Vitress and her shorts! Just makes you want to plow a hole right though the fabric and slam that tight hole until you cum. I am certain the ass fucking part Vitress would love! But I dont think the hole in her shorts would be appreciated!

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Sexy Short Shorts

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Fuck ladyboy ass! And start with Vitress Tamayo! In a conversation the topic of what is the best ass to get and it was decided a resounding Fuck ladyboy ass. Its the best! So looking around for a teasing photo and this one of the amazing Vitress Tamayo was located and has now been posted! That ass is straight up in the air and needs to be fucked by a nice hard cock. So if you want to fuck some tight ass, fuck this ladyboy!

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Ass and Balls

Want to check out the ass and balls of one of the hottest trans girls online? Yes its Vitress Tamayo and once again she has a photo set that is so hot your going to love it. Most of you already know that Vitress Tamayo is one hot ladyboy. She loves to be dressed up and look sexy. Almost as much as she loves to be dressed slutty and get her ass fucked. She also loves to show off her body parts. Take for instance that she has in this photo some very sexy clothing, heels and also the location. Then she is ass up and balls out and she just wants you to stare. Take a look right now at her ass and balls and then post about it below.

When Vitress goes Ass and balls out its time to pay attention. It means that she is horny and wants to have some fun. The fastest way for her to start that is to get your attention and we think that she has done that very well with this photo set.

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Ass and Balls

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Legs Spread wide

Who wants to check out Vitress Tamayo with her legs spread wide? Good! Just scroll down a little.

This shot was of her modeling some clothing for a store and it turned into one for her members area. The skirt and top her from the store she works for. But she had so much fun shooting the photos that she started to do things like spreading her legs. She also got those big and beautiful tits out to show off. But the best part of the set is the photos with her legs spread wide. Its so inviting and also makes you want to make her panties magically disappear.

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Legs Spread wide

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Anal toy

Vitress Tamayo loves an anal toy. When asked why she loves them so much she smiled and then said. Simply because they are always hard and they never talk back. We actually had to laugh. But once she got going with her photo set, the laughter stopped and the erections started. Your going to see why simply by looking at the photo of her below. Watching her with her anal toy was so hot and added a lot of sex filled tension in the room.

The camera guy kept having to reposition his cock in his own pants as Vitress worked her ass hole with the toy. In and out. With each slow movement she would moan. It was something that was very hot and made her want to cum. We could all see her nipples getting hard as she stroked the toy in and out and deeper.

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Anal toy

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