Cleavage and panties

In this world everyone has different desires when it comes to women. I am of course talking trans women as that is why we are here. But each trans woman has features that are different and men like them in different ways. To a lot of us one big attractions is the cleavage a trans girl has. So when you get a photo like this of Cleavage and panties, its extra hot.

Most men adore looking at a woman and seeing her panties flash in her dress or skirt when she moves her legs. Seeing that bulge of the girls body below her panties is very sexy. So when she then grabs a photo of herself and you get this combo of Cleavage and panties its almost too much to take. You get the chance to day dream about both her panties and her tits at the same time. What they look like. And also what they would feel like in the panties or in her blouse.

For the photo below of Vitress. Its obvious she is showing off her cleavage and panties. But the super hot part about this, is that its a selfie photo. So she knew what she was showing you. Not some sneak of a photo that exposed her. She wanted you to see this.

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Cleavage and panties

High heels and ass.

When I see a set of High heels, I normally then look straight for the ass as well. The heels on a girl make her ass look bigger and perkier. So I always look up. But when I find a photo of High heels and ass like this. Well I smile and get my cock out because its wanking time!

Of course this is the stunning Trans girl Star Vitress Tamayo and she is a lot more than just high heels and ass. She is also long hair, big soft lips and a set of titties that are begging for a load of man cream. Furthermore she is a girl that is always happy and ready to go and do. And she loves to fuck. Being half Asian and half Latina makes her have a sex drive like no other. And her body as you can see was built for pleasure. She has all the right things in all the right places to make you have a screaming orgasm. And I am not talking about the drink.

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High Heels and ass

You already know you want to sink your cock in that ass hole. So as they say. Just do it!

Down Panties.

Well I am not certain that this is a “Thing” but I sure as hell love to see it. And I figured that if I did, you most likely would like to talk about it as well. What is IT? That I am speaking of? How about Down Panties!! It is more or less like down blouse but a little more keyed to seeing something when you look down panties.

If you tried this with a genetic girl you might see some hair or a slit. And that is it. However when you look down panties with a trans girl you have a chance to see more. You might see some hair. However you might also see something that looks like a slit. That means the girl is mounted or has her cock tucked back. If your really lucky when you look down panties, you will see her cock and it will start swelling knowing that you are looking there.

If you ask us, and by being here reading this you are. Then simply put down panties is so much hotter than down blouse. Take a look for instance at Vitress Tamayo in the photo below. Her tits do look amazing. So does her long hair and big fuck cock sucking lips. But those panties and what you can almost see is such a hot tease. Click right now to see more.
Down Panties

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Mirror Selfie

Do you like the Mirror Selfie type of photos? Vitress has a lot of them because she does not always have someone to take her photos and movies. So she does them herself. Most of the time, the Mirror selfies come out much hotter than the regular movies and photos. Simply because you know its Vitress and her own ideas and positions. That means that she gets to chose what wants way she wants to pose. How she wants to look in general.

Take for instance this mirror selfie set. Vitress wanted to go makeup free and she still looks super hot. A PhotoG would have insisted in makeup. No matter what, once she starts to get naked the look gets smoking hot and you just must see more of her. Click the image below to see more right now.

Mirror Selfie

Of course once Vitress gets hot, her cock gets hard and her nipples ache. That is when it’s time for her to stroke that cock until she shoots her load. And she loves that feeling so much she will shoot her load over and over. Vitress tells us she likes to cum 3 or 4 times a day to keep the blues away. Blue balls we think she means.

Hard trans girl cock

Every man out there likes to see a hard trans girl cock. The question then comes to what size do you prefer? If you are a guy that needs only the biggest Hard trans girl cock then Vitress is not for you. If you dont care or are not good with big cocks then she is the girl of your dreams. While her cock is kind of fat, its not overly long or huge. This means that its great for guys that have taken a trans girl cock before. And for those that have not had a trans girl cock, well its good for you as well. The best part is Vitress is always gentle.

She also has the soft and sensual curves of a GG and that usually helps out with the first timers as well. Her big beautiful tits are very heavy and ready to be kissed and sucked. In fact Vitress has no problem withe some nice titty worship. And she simply adores having a hot and sticky load of cum on her big tranny titties.

Hard trans girl cock

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Beauty in Black