Wet Tranny Body! Big Tits!

Wet Tranny Body! Big Tits! And now I am about to shoot a load of cum across my keyboard. Damn this happens every time I work on sharing more photos of Vitress. Her amazing body. Sensual cock sucking lips. Round ass and perfect legs. Also thats tits. Wow those tits.

Can you imagine being the soap guy? The sponge guy? Call it what you like. It would be freaking Awesome. Getting your hands all soapy and applying it to those amazing curves. What part would you spend the most time on? While I am a tits man I have to admit wanking her with a hand full of soap would be awesome.  Feeling her cock stiffen in my hand as the suds made it slide up and down. How hot is that?

And when its a wet tranny body I just need to jump right into the bath or shower and fuck them silly. So check out the photo below and click on it to see the rest of the set.

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Wet Tranny Body

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Thong Panties Up Vitresses ass!

Thong Panties Up Vitresses ass! Don’t you just love seeing a sexy pair of thong panties up a hot girls ass? Also on a hot tranny? Sit back and take a look at the photo here and note that Vitress Tamayo is a tranny. And her panties look fukcing killer on that tight ass of hers.

Also note that she has some big tits and perfect cock sucking lips.

Thong Panties

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Tranny Cleavage and a hot Domestic Servant!

Tranny Cleavage and a hot Domestic Servant! And now that you have seen this photo, you know what you need to do. First of all find yourself some domestic help that has tranny cleavage like this.

If you have been looking and have not found a girl. Well then you can simply enjoy the fantasy of Vitress. Just imagine coming home to your house and finding her in the kitchen. Wearing something like this. Bit tits exposed and that amazing round ass sticking out of her short skirt. Honestly! What would you do? Would you walk up behind her and flip her skirt up and start to work her ass right away? Or would those big and beautiful tits draw your hands in first. Needing to cup them from behind and pinch her beautiful nipples?


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Tranny Cleavage

So once the dishes are done come and work on cleaning my shaft babe! You have got to love those tits and want to drop a load on that cleavage!

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Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous!

Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous! First of all I love Public nudity. But its very dangerous to do where I live. If I get caught I am in deep shit. But its a real turn on so when I can I flash my tits, My ass or my cock!

Let me tell you. When I shot this selfie there were three other people in the store. That the reason this photo is only one boob out. But once they left I got a lot more daring. But you will have to check out the members area of my website to see more.

All of them were men and they watched me showing my tits to the camera. One guy went to the corner and started jerking off. It was so hot and I could not stop. But once they left is when things for me got really hot.

Public Nudity

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Sensual Tranny! Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date!

Sensual Tranny! Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date! First of all do you find Vitress to be a Sensual Tranny? And or do you find her to be down right sexy? Take a few minutes to look at this image and decide for yourself. We want your honest opinion.

We think she is amazing. She has perfect hair. Long and full and it looks amazing no matter how she styles it.  And those super amazing and awesome tits. Her ass is round and tight and looks really tasty in a pair of jeans or shorts.  Her cock is small but hard! And she loves to suck cock and get fucked in the ass nice and hard.

When it comes to an amazing and sensual tranny Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date! Take her out and then take her home and fuck her ass until she screams. And dont forget to drop a load on that very pretty face of hers.

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Sensual Tranny

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