Sexy red panties on my tight firm ass.

I have new panties to show you and I thought that they would look best on my tight ass. So here they are. With the heels on and the sexy look over all I think my ass looks amazing. How about you? Does it make you want to come over and fuck me from behind by pulling my panties to the side? Will you pinch my nipples while you do?




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Vitress Tamayo is dressed up to take DICKTATION!

Hey guys. If you want to give me some DICKTATION then I am all dressed up and read for it. From the sexy suit for the office to the nice heels I have on as well as the glasses and my hair up. I think I would fit in perfectly well if you hired me to do the job for you. Check out my panties. They are even the office kind. So sexy and so ready for some dick, errr I mean some dicktation. 🙂

My office glasses look great on my eyes dont they?

Check out my panties boss. You like them dont you?

Want to spank my ass while you think?

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Hot Vitress Tamayo in and out of sexy panties!

I have some new panties to share with you and thought it would be best if I modeled them for you. Who wants to see a pair of panties just laying some place. Well ok my panties laying by my feet while I am wearing heels might be sexy, but I guess thats for you to decide. So check out my panties and let me know what you think about them and where I have them.




Well there you have it. From Panties on to off showing my ass and all. But now you need to let me know how much you like them and if you want more! Check out more Panty photos today!

Big Tranny Tits

Big Tranny Tits! What do you think if mine? I want an honest opinion and I want you to write it below in the comments section. I met a man not long ago that did not like my Big Tranny Tits!! He was super polite about it but he did not want to touch them or suck on my nipples. He also was ok if we had sex and I did not take my shirt off.

So one day I asked and he said that he likes tranny tits that are more rounded and different. I had no real way to describe what he likes and neither did he but I understood. We dated a while longer and then he moved on. Or maybe it was me. The next man I started dating would not stop touching my tits. I was honestly a bit delighted with this because I actually like when a man pays attention to my tits.

Big tranny Tits

So please scroll down a little and make a comment about my tits. Do you like them? If not why not. If yes. Tell me what you would like to do to them!!

XOXO Vitress.

Beauty in Black

Ladyboy SheLesbian

Ladyboy SheLesbian!

Hey guys its me again Vitress Tamayo. I wanted to show off a little bit of this set. Its called Ladyboy SheLesbian and you can see its well named. I met this hot little tart of a girl at a bar one night when I went out with some friends. She actually spent part of the night sitting on the lap of a guy I was with. However from time to time I would see her looking at my tits and often my ass as I moved around or danced. Then at one point when my friend was at the bar she walked by me and touched my ass. Then smiled very shyly. I thought that she was sexy enough so I told her right then. I want to fuck you but on camera. She said OK!

Ladyboy SheLesbian

The next day she came to my house and we had some HOT Ladyboy SheLesbian sex and all on camera. I am certain that my friend fucked her but her ass was still plenty tight and I enjoyed getting my cock into it.

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