No panties on

How do you like your lingerie? With or without panties? I mean on the girl you are with or want to see? With no panties on I think there is another level of hot. I mean going above and beyond just what the lingerie offers. The No panties on look and flash as she girl moves tends to drive guys crazy and they can not get enough of it. Just take a look at this sample photo below of Vitress Tamayo in Lingerie and no panties on! Its HOT.

Now can you just imagine coming home to Vitress. She is on the sofa or bed and wearing lingerie similar to this. As you walk in you catch your breath looking at her beauty and her big tits just showing in the lingerie. But you move across the room and as you do there is just a peek or flash of her cock and balls and you realize that she has no panties on. You can already feel your cock start to fatten and strighten. And you see that hers is starting to as well.

What would you do? How would you approach her? Would you get on your knees in front of her. Kiss her and take one of her big tits into your hand? Then reach under her lingerie and find her ever stiffening cock and balls?

Click on the image below and join her members area while this fantasy runs in your head. Join her right now!
No panties on

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