Tranny Ass in the mirror

Tranny Ass!   Hey boys. Im back with a new photo of me and I think your going to love this one its called Tranny Ass. Or maybe you can call it ass in the mirror even though you can see my ass on this side of the mirror and my face in the mirror. Just kind of cute and I thought that it was very sexy and hot shot of my ass.

Tranny ass

Ass in panties

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Big tits

Big tits!!! Yes boys I have big tits and guess what! I love men that pay attention to them. Staring is ok, and reaching out and caressing them is great as well.

I have no problem having my tits messed with in public private or anything in between. In fact I will even ask you to shoot a load of your hot cum on by big round tits.

Big tits
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Ladyboy Cleavage

Ladyboy Cleavage!  I wanted to show you some cleavage shots so I grabbed this photo from a selfie set that I did in front of my mirror. For me, I really hope you like it.

Its just me in a sexy black dress that happens to show plenty of cleavage and I love the look and so do most guys when I wear it. Ladyboy Cleavage is the best.

Now my love. Close your eyes and take your cock out of your pants while I paint this picture for you.  It’s saturday night and you have been waiting all week to see me. So you come to pick me up at 9pm and I walk out wearing this dress. As you can clearly see there is plenty of my big tranny titties showing and you make a wow sound! As I slide into your car my dress pulls a little and one of my nipples pops out. What will you do? Just watch and enjoy. Or would you rather reach over and caress it or kiss it? Maybe you would reach over and suck on it.

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Ladyboy Cleavage
Ladyboy cleavage

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Underboob!  I hear that a lot of guys like to see underboob shots so I got my trusty iphone and took a few for you. For me, more or less I like this one the best.

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Ladyboy underboob

My big tranny tits!

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Sexy Ladyboy In Heels

Sexy Ladyboy In Heels.  This sexy ladyboy loves wearing heels. I think they make my legs look great!  And also my tight little ass look even rounder.  Guys love it Girls love it and it turns me on! Yes I get turned on knowthing they are watching my ass in my tight dresses.

This photo is of me in my first pro shoot for my new website  I loved the lingerie and heels combo and I think they make me look like a sexy proper Ladyboy!

Sexy Ladyboy In Heels

Sexy LadyBoy in heels.