Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors! Come to the beach with me!

Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors! Come to the beach with me! In my country this is very illegal to do. However I wanted to impress you! Most men love to see a woman outdoors and this is me. Vitress Tamayo Topless outdoors! Come to the beach and play and have lots of fun in the sun!

After we get all heated up at the beach. You and I both from the sun, but more importantly from being Naughty! We can then go to a hotel near by and cool off. A nice shower to get the sand off. Washing each other gently with soap and kissing. Feeling the sand slide down and the soap replace it as it caresses my nipples and both of our cocks.  Then we towel off and move towards the bed. Yes reach over and grab the oil. But dont worry its not for a massage.

Also if you dont have the time to go to the beach, you can simply see more of me in my members area.

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Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors

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Kisses from me to you and also your cock. Vitress!

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