Underboob Selfie

How about a nice and sexy shot of an Underboob Selfie? Vitress Tamayo really knows how to take these photos and as you can see she looks amazing doing it. She also happens to have the perfect tits for this sort of photo. Selfies are almost always from the same position so when a girl takes a hot Underboob Selfie, you just have to sit back and love it. And try not to shoot your load on the keyboard.

Now can you imagine being able to help Vitress with this photo? Your arm wrapped around her, holding those big trans girl tits for her while she snaps the photo? How sexy would that be? Can you imagine having her nipples in your hand and they start to get hard. You have your cock pressed against her ass from behind while taking the photos! Would you start to grind against her ass?

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Underboob selfie

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Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous!

Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous! First of all I love Public nudity. But its very dangerous to do where I live. If I get caught I am in deep shit. But its a real turn on so when I can I flash my tits, My ass or my cock!

Let me tell you. When I shot this selfie there were three other people in the store. That the reason this photo is only one boob out. But once they left I got a lot more daring. But you will have to check out the members area of my website to see more.

All of them were men and they watched me showing my tits to the camera. One guy went to the corner and started jerking off. It was so hot and I could not stop. But once they left is when things for me got really hot.

Public Nudity

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Ladyboy Panties! TS Vitress Tamayo has them!

Ladyboy Panties! TS Vitress Tamayo has them! Man you have got to love ladyboy panties! So since you are into a hot ladyboy wearing sexy panties! Or do you prefer them naked and ready to suck your cock and get fucked?

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Ladyboy Panties

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Ladyboy ass.

Ladyboy ass  . Check out this sexy selfie photo of my sexy round ladyboy ass!  Also make sure and log into my members area for the video. It is super hot!  That’s right, its nice and round and tight and always loves to be punished by a hard long thick cock.  If you have the rod for the ramming, I have the tight ass that wants to take it.

hehehe.. Listen to me, I just sound sooooo dirty!

round tight ass

Selfie ass shot


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Ladyboy Cleavage

Ladyboy Cleavage!  I wanted to show you some cleavage shots so I grabbed this photo from a selfie set that I did in front of my mirror. For me, I really hope you like it.

Its just me in a sexy black dress that happens to show plenty of cleavage and I love the look and so do most guys when I wear it. Ladyboy Cleavage is the best.

Now my love. Close your eyes and take your cock out of your pants while I paint this picture for you.  It’s saturday night and you have been waiting all week to see me. So you come to pick me up at 9pm and I walk out wearing this dress. As you can clearly see there is plenty of my big tranny titties showing and you make a wow sound! As I slide into your car my dress pulls a little and one of my nipples pops out. What will you do? Just watch and enjoy. Or would you rather reach over and caress it or kiss it? Maybe you would reach over and suck on it.

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Ladyboy Cleavage
Ladyboy cleavage

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