Topless Beach anyone? Come and watch Vitress Tamayo!

Topless Beach anyone? Come and watch Vitress Tamayo! Also wow, Vitress Tamayo is stunning. And no this is not a topless beach and she risked her ass to bring you this set. Since you came to visit this site today you might as well know what all it has to offer.

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If you look at the image below and see, she has a stunning body! And those amazing lips are so soft and curvy that you need to have them wrapped around your cock for a while. If you wont make it to her area of the world the next best thing is to Enjoy her here!

Topless Beach

Like we said she is not at a topless beach but this set shows those amazing tits and her hot body. Don’t miss your chance to see this set of her.

Vitress Tamayo at the Beach

Hey guys. Went to the beach for a photo and video set and came back with some really great shots. I do so hope that you like them and the way I look. I know by the time I had to leave my cock was hard and my ass was ready for some love from a man like you. So join me right now to get some!

Vitress Tamayo in panties

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Big Tranny Tits

Big Tranny Tits! What do you think if mine? I want an honest opinion and I want you to write it below in the comments section. I met a man not long ago that did not like my Big Tranny Tits!! He was super polite about it but he did not want to touch them or suck on my nipples. He also was ok if we had sex and I did not take my shirt off.

So one day I asked and he said that he likes tranny tits that are more rounded and different. I had no real way to describe what he likes and neither did he but I understood. We dated a while longer and then he moved on. Or maybe it was me. The next man I started dating would not stop touching my tits. I was honestly a bit delighted with this because I actually like when a man pays attention to my tits.

Big tranny Tits

So please scroll down a little and make a comment about my tits. Do you like them? If not why not. If yes. Tell me what you would like to do to them!!

XOXO Vitress.

Beauty in Black

Top Cleavage.

Top Cleavage.

Does anyone else know what Top Cleavage is? Its a new phrase I guess that I made up to describe when my tranny titties are showing from the top of a dress or Blouse. To me there is nothing sexier than a hot show of Top Cleavage.

Take a look at the photo below. You can see the tops of my tits showing over the dress. See those soft and sensual mounds? How hot would it be for you to plant some kisses across that skin? Maybe a little tongue tracing the curve of each tit? Please. Im already getting hot thinking about it.

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Top Cleavage

Do not miss out on the rest of this set. You will love this dress on me as well as you will love it laying on the floor next to me! See you soon in my members area.

XOXO Vitress Tamayo