Spread legs

Spread legs are always a tasty treat. Even if the sweet spot is covered by panties.

Now take a look at the photo below of our favorite busty trans girl Vitress Tamayo. She is sitting in the perfect position to make us all enjoy seeing her body. Her head is up and her hair laying down on her shoulders. Her big trans girl tits are thrust forward and her legs are spread wide. She also has on a nice silky top that covers her tits and a sexy pair of lace panties that hides her tranny cock and balls.

Even though Vitress is sitting her spread legs and heels make her look hot. You can just imagine walking up to her and doing s many things. Sticking your cock in her mouth. Leaning down and kissing her and reaching down to caress her panties. Once her cock is hard you pop it out and stroke her. Or maybe you want to tease her up into a standing position so that you can get to her ass and cock at the same time.

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Spread legs

Those panties are about to come off! The question is, will you be there to enjoy that action or not?

Beauty in Black

Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors! Come to the beach with me!

Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors! Come to the beach with me! In my country this is very illegal to do. However I wanted to impress you! Most men love to see a woman outdoors and this is me. Vitress Tamayo Topless outdoors! Come to the beach and play and have lots of fun in the sun!

After we get all heated up at the beach. You and I both from the sun, but more importantly from being Naughty! We can then go to a hotel near by and cool off. A nice shower to get the sand off. Washing each other gently with soap and kissing. Feeling the sand slide down and the soap replace it as it caresses my nipples and both of our cocks.  Then we towel off and move towards the bed. Yes reach over and grab the oil. But dont worry its not for a massage.

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Vitress Tamayo topless outdoors

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Kisses from me to you and also your cock. Vitress!

Vitress Tamayo Cleavage shot

Vitress Tamayo Cleavage shot. On any trans girl with big tits a Cleavage shot is nice. But when it is on a girl like Vitress! Well it seems to be much hotter. She never tries to push her tits together to make a fake cleavage shot. She just does them naturally or not at all. And in the image that you see below you can clearly see how hot and super sexy her tits really are.

As far as trans girls go, Vitress is one of the most natural. She had her tits done and that is about it. She has long hair and full cock sucking lips. She has a nice ass that is natural and a very nice shape over all. And Vitress has legs that look amazing. Her cock is not large but it gets nice and hard when you play with it enough!!

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Vitress Tamayo Cleavage

She was actually showing off some of her night clothing. Where she lives it can get chilly at night so most often she sleeps in a sexy little night dress!

Beauty in Black

Big tits

Big tits!!! Yes boys I have big tits and guess what! I love men that pay attention to them. Staring is ok, and reaching out and caressing them is great as well.

I have no problem having my tits messed with in public private or anything in between. In fact I will even ask you to shoot a load of your hot cum on by big round tits.

Big tits
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XOXO Vitress.

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