Mirror Selfie

Do you like the Mirror Selfie type of photos? Vitress has a lot of them because she does not always have someone to take her photos and movies. So she does them herself. Most of the time, the Mirror selfies come out much hotter than the regular movies and photos. Simply because you know its Vitress and her own ideas and positions. That means that she gets to chose what wants way she wants to pose. How she wants to look in general.

Take for instance this mirror selfie set. Vitress wanted to go makeup free and she still looks super hot. A PhotoG would have insisted in makeup. No matter what, once she starts to get naked the look gets smoking hot and you just must see more of her. Click the image below to see more right now.

Mirror Selfie

Of course once Vitress gets hot, her cock gets hard and her nipples ache. That is when it’s time for her to stroke that cock until she shoots her load. And she loves that feeling so much she will shoot her load over and over. Vitress tells us she likes to cum 3 or 4 times a day to keep the blues away. Blue balls we think she means.

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