Cleavage and panties

In this world everyone has different desires when it comes to women. I am of course talking trans women as that is why we are here. But each trans woman has features that are different and men like them in different ways. To a lot of us one big attractions is the cleavage a trans girl has. So when you get a photo like this of Cleavage and panties, its extra hot.

Most men adore looking at a woman and seeing her panties flash in her dress or skirt when she moves her legs. Seeing that bulge of the girls body below her panties is very sexy. So when she then grabs a photo of herself and you get this combo of Cleavage and panties its almost too much to take. You get the chance to day dream about both her panties and her tits at the same time. What they look like. And also what they would feel like in the panties or in her blouse.

For the photo below of Vitress. Its obvious she is showing off her cleavage and panties. But the super hot part about this, is that its a selfie photo. So she knew what she was showing you. Not some sneak of a photo that exposed her. She wanted you to see this.

Click the image right now to see more of this photo set. Otherwise click a text link to see the tour and join Vitress right away!
Cleavage and panties

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