Panties and Bra

Does everyone here like to see a hot girl in sexy panties and bra? Yeah I guessed it. Do not get me wrong its great when you strip a girl down and she is naked under her clothing. But its even better when there is just one more sexy and sensual layer of her wearing panties and bra before she is naked. It makes things take just a little longer. It allows you to have some fun with the anticipation of it all.

Vitress Tamayo is one of those girls that loves to wear either sexy lingerie. Or just sexy panties and bra. If they match then she is all the happier. However she tells us that some times having a miss match is also just as sexy. For her though it’s all about the look. Just take a look at the outfit she has on in this sample photo. Could you not just pull those off with your teeth? Did you notice that the color of her lipstick matches the color of her lingerie? Yeah all those little details Vitress does to keep you looking at her. And we feel that she does an amazing job.

Click the image right now to check out more of this free sample set.
Panties and Bra

You are simply going to love watching this beauty get naked and masturbate for you.

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