Vitress Tamayo plays with a carrot!

Hey guys. I got really horny and decided to put something into my mouth and ass. So digging around I found a nice carrot and decided to just make a video out of it for you. So I dressed up as a little tranny bunny and shot this.

If you want to see the whole action video, then check out my members area today.


Vitress Tamayo.

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Vitress Tamayo in jean shorts!

Hey guys, I want to thank my webmaster for posting for me when Im tied up, and some times that is literally! But for today I want to share this sweet video I made of me in some sexy jean shorts and a hot little top I found on sale. I think it looks amazingly sexy on me but my webmaster says it looks even sexier on the floor next to my feet.

If you want to come over and help me get these shorts off, I sure would appreciate it. Maybe you can give me some sexy secret kisses as well!


Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo naked in the kitchen!

If you need some domestic help, Vitress Tamayo wants to try out for the part. She knows that sucking and fucking will always be on the menu and is more than ready and willing as long as you treat her like a real lady and work her ass hole until she just can not take another cumload in her cum dumpster.

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Get to her website today and send her an email. Say hi and get to know her.

Vitress Tamayo in a blue dress and pink panties!

I was talking to some guys at the club the other day and they were telling me how much they love to take the panties off of the girl before they fuck them. They said seeing a girl with no panties on under her dress is hot but the girls with the panties on are the ones that they tend to go after the most as they like to take them off.


Now if you would like to pull up my dress and pull down my panties all you have to do is email me and let me know. But I warn you, My calendar is getting full fast this year.


Vitress Tamayo!

Vitress Tamayo in a see through body suit!

Hey guys. I wanted to show off this body suit and could not think of a better way than getting all dressed up and letting you watch me play with myself. I think the suit looks great on me and I think your going to love taking it off of me. So check out this clip right now and enjoy a few minutes of the video of me in my sexy black bodysuit.

If you want to see the full video its in my members area and about 30 minutes long. I think you will love it and will really enjoy the way I get off.

Hugs and Kisses,

Vitress Tamayo

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My Favorite Asian Shemale Website

Hey guys. I wanted to let you know about my favorite website.  It’s called Trans World Asia and I just love the guys who own it. They have shot me many times for the members area and are now making my new official website I am sooo excited that I just can not wait to open it.

This is a screen cap of Trans World Asia

Trans World Asia


If you have not seen my videos on this site you might want to check them out while you wait for my official site Vitress Tamayo.

Kisses to all the sexy men.



Welcome To My New Blog!

Hey guys. Vitress Tamayo here and this is my new blog.  I started this while we wait for my site to be built.   I plan to use this to show a photo or 2 of my updates from my members area and basically keep you up to date on what I am doing and some times who I am doing in my life.

Not to worry it will have all sorts of photos as well so I can show you how things are going.

By the way, the new site is and should be open soon.

Below is a photo from one of my first shoots. It was a selfie so I hope you like it.

XOXO  Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo cleavage

Selfie of me in green