Top Cleavage.

Top Cleavage.

Does anyone else know what Top Cleavage is? Its a new phrase I guess that I made up to describe when my tranny titties are showing from the top of a dress or Blouse. To me there is nothing sexier than a hot show of Top Cleavage.

Take a look at the photo below. You can see the tops of my tits showing over the dress. See those soft and sensual mounds? How hot would it be for you to plant some kisses across that skin? Maybe a little tongue tracing the curve of each tit? Please. Im already getting hot thinking about it.

Click the image to see more now.
Top Cleavage

Do not miss out on the rest of this set. You will love this dress on me as well as you will love it laying on the floor next to me! See you soon in my members area.

XOXO Vitress Tamayo

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