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Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo showing her great ass in pink lingerie.

This was one of my first ever pro photo shoots and I had soooo much fun getting naked in front of the photog. More »

Can you see the Toy?

Well you can not see the toy in my ass very well here so I guess you will have to watch below for another photo or run over and check out my website. More »

Ice hot and on the phone

Got a call for some phone sex while shooting some content and this is how it turned out. Icy hot. More »

Shemale pink.

I did a shoot at a cute theme hotel and this is some of the pink I was able to show off. More »

Ass and sexy high heels.

I love to wear heels and get fucked in the ass at the same time. Such a turn on. Want to watch? More »

I shoot a lot of my own photos or have a guy that\\\'s around shoot them for me. So check out this set and let me know if you can shoot the next! More »


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Topless Beach anyone? Come and watch Vitress Tamayo!

Topless Beach anyone? Come and watch Vitress Tamayo! Also wow, Vitress Tamayo is stunning. And no this is not a topless beach and she risked her ass to bring you this set. Since you came to visit this site today you might as well know what all it has to offer.

in addition to being sexy, Vitress Tamayo is one shemale that loves a good fuck. But treat her like a lady and take her to dinner first. If things go well take her home and fuck her silly and then take her shopping. 🙂 She loves it and wont let you leave unsatisfied.

If you look at the image below and see, she has a stunning body! And those amazing lips are so soft and curvy that you need to have them wrapped around your cock for a while. If you wont make it to her area of the world the next best thing is to Enjoy her here!

Topless Beach

Like we said she is not at a topless beach but this set shows those amazing tits and her hot body. Don’t miss your chance to see this set of her.

Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous!

Public Nudity! I love it but its Dangerous! First of all I love Public nudity. But its very dangerous to do where I live. If I get caught I am in deep shit. But its a real turn on so when I can I flash my tits, My ass or my cock!

Take a look at the photo below. There were three other people in the store. All of them were men and they watched me showing my tits to the camera. One guy went to the corner and started jerking off. It was so hot and I could not stop.

Public Nudity

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Dildo in my ass! Wow what a turn on!

Dildo in my ass! Wow what a turn on! So I had this dildo I was playing with in my ass and I found it to be a real turn on. This Dildo is kind of small so it was easy to use. I have a tight ass so something too big hurts really bad. Not that the hurt is a bad thing. I do love to have my ass crammed with a big cock. But also a small cock will do the trick to get me off.

No matter what size cock you have, I want to play with it. I want to suck it and also get fucked by it so contact me right now. Get into my members area today!


You know you want some of this tight ass hole.

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Short shorts on a tranny body!

Short shorts on a tranny body! Do you like short shorts and a tranny body? And if so what do you like about them. Since we have Vitress Tamayo here in a sexy pair of short shorts lets talk about her body. If you take a close look you will see she actually has some very sensual curves. Also big tits and ass help so keep that in mind.

Vitress is an amazing tranny with killer curves so she likes to wear clothes that accent this. She goes clubbing in some amazing outfits. She also loves to play dress up for men. So let her know what exicites you and she will do it for you. She wants to please your hard cock.

Short Shorts

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Sensual Tranny! Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date!

Sensual Tranny! Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date! First of all do you find Vitress to be a Sensual Tranny? And do you find her to be down right sexy? We think she is amazing. She has perfect hair and awesome tits. Her ass is round and tight. Her cock is small but hard! And she loves to suck cock and get fucked in the ass nice and hard.

When it comes to an amazing and sensual tranny Vitress Tamayo is ready for a date! Take her out and then take her home and fuck her ass until she screams. And dont forget to drop a load on that very pretty face of hers.

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Sensual Tranny

You Also know you want to play with those big titties! So join her right now!

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Upskirt! With Vitress the amazing Asian Tranny!

Upskirt! With Vitress the amazing Asian Tranny! So do you really like upskirt shots? How about with a hot tranny? Or maybe even more with a hot Asian Tranny? Well Vitress Tamayo has plenty of hot upskirt shots in photos and videos in her members area. You just need to take a few minutes to check them out!

You should also make sure to enjoy every page here on this website. And dont forget to contact Vitress directly. She loves to reply and talk. Now take a look at this sexy ass and also the curve of this big tits. Damn this woman is amazing.


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Bodysuit Lingerie! How hot is Vitress Tmayao!

Bodysuit Lingerie! How hot is Vitress Tmayao! Well guys what do you think if this Bodysuit Lingerie? First of all take a look at the outfit its self. And not take a look at the amazing body filling the Bodysuit Lingerie! Now post here about how it makes you feel and how hard your cock gets!

While you enjoy this photo and remember that this is just a sample of a larger set. And its also a video in Vitress Tamayo’s members area! So take some time to enjoy both of them.

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Bodysuit Lingerie

Once you have enjoyed the photos and videos make sure to comment! Also come back here and comment and let us know what you thought!

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