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Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo showing her great ass in pink lingerie.

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Can you see the Toy?

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Ice hot and on the phone

Got a call for some phone sex while shooting some content and this is how it turned out. Icy hot. More »

Shemale pink.

I did a shoot at a cute theme hotel and this is some of the pink I was able to show off. More »

Ass and sexy high heels.

I love to wear heels and get fucked in the ass at the same time. Such a turn on. Want to watch? More »

I shoot a lot of my own photos or have a guy that\\\'s around shoot them for me. So check out this set and let me know if you can shoot the next! More »


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Ladyboy Ass fucked! Do you find this hot? Check out the video below. As you can see by the photo the stunning lady boy is Vitress Tamayo and you are about to see a ladyboy ass fucked! Vitress is hot and loves cock but cant get enough. So check out the video of her strip show and how she takes a big cock up her tight little ass.

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Public flashing in the car on the highway! Lots of women are into Public flashing. But a woman like Vitress Tamayo showing off her big titties in public is a very dangerous thing. First of all she is a ladyboy, trans or shemale, what ever you want to use. And second she lives in a city where it is highly illegal! So when she gets her tits out in public its a real rush for her and anyone watching.

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Vitress Tamayo sucking cock! In a rare release of photos of Vitress Tamayo you get a glimpse of how hot she can be. Vitress Tamayo sucking cock is something that is a real turn on because she does not let us post photos like this often. Check out those amazing full lips as they slide up and down his pole. How they turn in and out with the friction and the spit sliding out and down his rod! Getting hard and harder fucking her tight mouth!

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Fuck ladyboy ass! And start with Vitress Tamayo! In a conversation the topic of what is the best ass to get and it was decided a resounding Fuck ladyboy ass. Its the best! So looking around for a teasing photo and this one of the amazing Vitress Tamayo was located and has now been posted! That ass is straight up in the air and needs to be fucked by a nice hard cock. So if you want to fuck some tight ass, fuck this ladyboy!

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Sexy Short Shorts on Vitress Tamayo! So when you are looking for some tranny ass it sure as hell is nice to find it in Sexy Short Shorts! Just take a look at the amazing tranny ass on Vitress and her shorts! Just makes you want to plow a hole right though the fabric and slam that tight hole until you cum. I am certain the ass fucking part Vitress would love! But I dont think the hole in her shorts would be appreciated!

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Vitress Tamayo Lingerie Collection!

Vitress Tamayo Lingerie Collection! No Vitress does not have her own line! This Vitress Tamayo Lingerie Collection is what she wears for you! She sure has put together a great collection of lingerie and a lot of that has been gifts from fans. So if you want more of these photos, check out the members area.

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Vitress Tamayo Lingerie Collection

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Cosplay Tranny! Vitress Tamayo loves to dress up for you!

Cosplay Tranny! Vitress Tamayo loves to dress up for you! Check out the one and only Cosplay tranny Vitress Tamayo! She is one of the only trannys into cosplay and she is stunning! With those big tits, and hard tranny cock and perfect ass! You just want to climb on top and fuck her like crazy!

For those of you who do not know what CosPlay is. It’s pretty simple and also sometimes silly. Its dressing up in costumes and pretending to be the character for a while. Usually this ends up in wild sex!

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