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Vitress Tamayo

Vitress Tamayo showing her great ass in pink lingerie.

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Can you see the Toy?

Well you can not see the toy in my ass very well here so I guess you will have to watch below for another photo or run over and check out my website. More »

Ice hot and on the phone

Got a call for some phone sex while shooting some content and this is how it turned out. Icy hot. More »

Shemale pink.

I did a shoot at a cute theme hotel and this is some of the pink I was able to show off. More »

Ass and sexy high heels.

I love to wear heels and get fucked in the ass at the same time. Such a turn on. Want to watch? More »

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Upskirt! With Vitress the amazing Asian Tranny!

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Bodysuit Lingerie! How hot is Vitress Tmayao!

Bodysuit Lingerie! How hot is Vitress Tmayao! Well guys what do you think if this Bodysuit Lingerie? First of all take a look at the outfit its self. And not take a look at the amazing body filling the Bodysuit Lingerie! Now post here about how it makes you feel and how hard your cock gets!

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Bodysuit Lingerie

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Halloween Costume Play! Vitress Tamayo is ready!

Halloween Costume Play! Vitress Tamayo is ready! So guys, I know its been a while since I did a post but I wanted to talk about this one today. I am going to wear this outfit as my Halloween Costume! I also have a great set of heels or Boots. Which do you prefer? Either of them is sexy since I know its what men like.

Another consideration I am making for this outfit is weather I should wear the panties with the smiley face! Hell if I can make the skirt a little longer I could also go without panties! How sexy would that be?

Halloween Costume

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Tranny Ass! The ass on Vitress Tamayo is amazing!

Tranny Ass! The ass on Vitress Tamayo is amazing! Holy shit this is a nice ass and you so need to pay attention to this post. Vitress has asked me to post this for her and talk about her amazing tranny ass. I also want to mention that she has the perfect set of tits. Have you not seen them? Well its time. Click here right now to check out her ass and tits.

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Tranny Ass

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Ladyboy Panties! TS Vitress Tamayo has them!

Ladyboy Panties! TS Vitress Tamayo has them! Man you have got to love ladyboy panties! So since you are into a hot ladyboy wearing sexy panties! Or do you prefer them naked and ready to suck your cock and get fucked?

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Ladyboy Panties

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Exotic Shemale! Another amazing photo set of Vitress Tamayo!

Exotic Shemale! Another amazing photo set of Vitress Tamayo! This is another set of the Exotic shemale Vitress Tamayo! Have you taken a moment to really look at Vitress? If not, its time and also to see more of her. So lets talk Exotic Shemale Vitress Tamayo!

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Exotic Shemale

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Vitress Tamayo! Ladyboy or girl?

Vitress Tamayo! Ladyboy or girl? So after seeing her face, do you really care? Oh ok now you want to see some of her body? Well she has an amazing form and looks as good naked or better than when she has clothes on. She Also passes for a woman no matter where you take her. Vitress Tamayo is one of the ladyboys you can trust and hold a conversation with. As well as fall in love with.

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Vitress Tamayo

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Tranny legs! And of course sexy high heels. What more could you want?

Tranny legs! Do you like mine? I personally think I have some of the best tranny legs online! I love to walk and exercise and it keeps my legs in shape and also hard. I know they look a big soft but I have muscle under there and you will feel it when I wrap them around you! Have you seen my legs when I have one sexy high heels? If not ask yourself right now why not? Take a few minutes to really enjoy the photo below and then leave me a comment about how this photo makes you feel. Do I excite you? Did you get turned on?

I really love the look of my legs in these heels and short dress. Can you imagine how it would be to sit in front of me and see the flash of panties? As I cross and also recross my legs? With my sexy lace panties you will see my cock as well.

Tranny Legs

In the case of this photo my panties are leopard print just like the dress. It happens to match with the shoes and scene. Normally I have on Lace panties so that when I do flash them you can see my cock. Also I love to go without panties as often as I can. That of course depends on the dress and how well I can hide my cock.

I dont have the biggest cock but when it gets hard its noticeable and I do like to hide it. Unless you ask me to do other wise. Let me know what sort of man you are and what you desire. I want to make you hard and happy and ready to cum.

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Shemales Flashing! How many shemales do you know that Flash like this?

Check it out. Shemales Flashing? Now is this a hot topic on the web? Well I really hope so because its something I like to do. Where I live public nudity is forbidden but I love to take the risk and do some hot flashing. Also because I am a Shemale you have the hot topic of Shemales Flashing!

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Shemales Flashing

I also just very much enjoy being outdoors. Its often more fun to be with a hot guy while shooting photos and videos for my website. Things and can get hot on and off the camera. Some of the shoots end up in hardcore scenes either outdoors or back at home. But even when they don’t I enjoy them a lot more. Knowing that I am effecting the man watching. Seeing his cock get hard! Knowing he wants to lick my body and play with me.

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Vitress Tamayo.

Ladyboys thongs! Hot Ladyboys in thongs and other things!

Ladyboys thongs! Dont you love when your favorite ladyboy puts on a sexy thong. Maybe some stockings and high heels. Or just a sexy dress that shows her boobs as well? I love to dress that way for any man Im with even if just for the night.

I like the feel of a thong as it cups my ladyboy cock and slides up against my ass hole. Rubbing just slightly as I walk along holding your arm. Now I have to admit that a Ladyboys thongs are usually made a little different and hold our cocks a little tighter. So I often wear the thongs make for genetic women. They dont hold my cock as well. Also they tend to rub against my love hole and that makes me HOT! Check out my members area to see photos.

I also want you to know that once I get hot, and I need to be played with. I desire a man and his hard cock. I know that is Something that you can give me! I want Your hard cock! In my hands or mouth? In my tight little ass hole? Or maybe all of them would be good for you!

Ladyboys thongs

If you take a close look at my Ladyboy thongs here you will see its actually one made for regular women. Also you can see its not as tight as the other kind. That means by the time you and I walk out of the house and get to dinner I am already hot. Once we are back, we will bring ice cream so you can pour it across my body and lick it off! I would be so hot by that time it would melt right away!

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