Vitress Tamayo Cleavage shot

Vitress Tamayo Cleavage shot. On any trans girl with big tits a Cleavage shot is nice. But when it is on a girl like Vitress! Well it seems to be much hotter. She never tries to push her tits together to make a fake cleavage shot. She just does them naturally or not at all. And in the image that you see below you can clearly see how hot and super sexy her tits really are.

As far as trans girls go, Vitress is one of the most natural. She had her tits done and that is about it. She has long hair and full cock sucking lips. She has a nice ass that is natural and a very nice shape over all. And Vitress has legs that look amazing. Her cock is not large but it gets nice and hard when you play with it enough!!

Click the image of this Vitress Tamayo cleavage shot right now.

Vitress Tamayo Cleavage

She was actually showing off some of her night clothing. Where she lives it can get chilly at night so most often she sleeps in a sexy little night dress!

Beauty in Black

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