Bikini Body

When it comes to finding a hot girl what do you look for? Just big tits? Or how about a big ass? Lots of men look for a big cock. For me, its all about the Bikini body. And as you can see by the sample photo below, Vitress Tamayo has that and so much more. Just take a look at the photo and lets talk about it.

As you can see Vitress has beautiful hair. Long and brown and thick. She loves to keep it down and styled. Nice and smooth for any man that wants to play with it. It also makes for a good thing to pull on when you are fucking her ass from behind.

Then she also has those big tits of hers. As you can see that is the first part of the Bikini Body that sticks out. Then she has the soft curvy hips and also that big trans girl ass in the bikini bottom. No she does not have a big cock. However this allows her to wear any sort of bikini bottom she wants. And that is hot. Small is good.

Bikini body

So now that you have seen the whole package and can see that amazing bikini body. What do you think? Yeah 100% hot!

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