Naked Ladyboy! Vitress Tamayo wants to play with you!

Naked Ladyboy! Vitress Tamayo wants to play with you! Hey guys! Tell me how you would feel to come home to a Naked Ladyboy like me in the house every day. I am all woman except for my cock and I really want you to take advantage of my body. Walk up behind me when I am doing the dishes. Push my legs apart from behind and either put your tongue in my tight ass or your fingers. Then reach around me and grab my face. Turn my head and kiss me long and hard. Just thinking about it makes my cock hard and gives me a huge need to cum. If you want to cum with me, then now is the time to join me.

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Naked Ladyboy

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Curvy Tranny Body! Check out the one on Vitress Tamayo!

Curvy Tranny Body! Check out the one on Vitress Tamayo! So I hear you guys like a curvy tranny body! Well good thing I have worked so hard to make mine. My curves are soft and supple and always need a mans touch. You can if you like use your fingers, or your hands or also your tongue! Just caress me and suck my nipples and stroke my ass! I love all the soft touches with a little bit of pinching in all the right places. You already know what will turn me on, so get to it. Also remember to kiss me a lot. I love it!

Curvy Tranny Body

Now just picture yourself on your knees in front of me pulling those panties down! Slow as you need to kiss my curves as you go. Opps. Whats that? Yes plant a deep and long kiss right there on the head of my cock!

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Asian ladyboy ass! Come and play with mine!

Asian ladyboy ass! Come and play with mine! Thats right guys. I am offering you a chance to come and play with my Asian Ladyboy ass! If you are or can be anywhere near the PH please message me so we can get together! My name is Vitress Tamayo and I am one of the most popular Ladyboys online. Once you get a look at a few of the sample photos I have here on the blog. You will understand and want to see so much more. Further more I am also single and waiting for a hot guy to sweep me off my feet.

Asian ladyboy ass

So lets get dressed up for dinner or stay in and have a romantic one. But when we finally climb into the bed I want you to pay a lot of attention to my ass.

Remember that I am a lady and like to be treated as one. So when you know have flowers in your hand and also a small box of chocolates!

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