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Shemales Flashing

I also just very much enjoy being outdoors. Its often more fun to be with a hot guy while shooting photos and videos for my website. Things and can get hot on and off the camera. Some of the shoots end up in hardcore scenes either outdoors or back at home. But even when they don’t I enjoy them a lot more. Knowing that I am effecting the man watching. Seeing his cock get hard! Knowing he wants to lick my body and play with me.

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Ladyboys thongs! Dont you love when your favorite ladyboy puts on a sexy thong. Maybe some stockings and high heels. Or just a sexy dress that shows her boobs as well? I love to dress that way for any man Im with even if just for the night.

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Ladyboys thongs

If you take a close look at my Ladyboy thongs here you will see its actually one made for regular women. Also you can see its not as tight as the other kind. That means by the time you and I walk out of the house and get to dinner I am already hot. Once we are back, we will bring ice cream so you can pour it across my body and lick it off! I would be so hot by that time it would melt right away!

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Toys for Trannys! I am one of those girls that does like to have toys. So when the annual Toys for Trannys drive starts I start to look for what I want. And I seem to love all the toys for trannys I can get.

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Toys for Trannys

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