I hear that a lot of guys like to see underboob shots so I got my trusty iphone and took a few for you. I more or less like this one the best. I think the underboob it shows here is sexy and I think your going to like it. If you want to check out more underboob, just check out my website. Plenty of underboob there.

Ladyboy underboob

Under boob

Sexy Ladyboy In Heels

This sexy ladyboy loves wearing heels. I think they make my legs look great and my tight little ass look even rounder. Guys love it Girls love it and it turns me on to have them watching my ass in my tight dresses. This photo is of me in my first pro shoot for my new website VitressTamayo.com  I loved the lingerie and heels combo and I think they make me look like a sexy proper Ladyboy!

Heels and lingerie

Sexy LadyBoy in heels